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3 Advantages Of Citi Rewards Student Card And How You Can Make Full Use Of It | citi rewards student card

Citibank is one of the many banks that offer the CITI rewards program. This card provides their customers with a cashback and rewards program when using their card to make purchases at gas stations, groceries, drugstores, and many other retail outlets. The program allows students to have the opportunity to receive a percentage of the money they spend back as a cashback reward on all of their purchases.

Now, you may be wondering how this cashback and rewards student card differ from other cards. This is simple really. Other cards only pay back a certain percentage of your purchase, which can take weeks or even months to see an impact on your bill. On the other hand, Citibank offers a program that will actually pay back a cashback and rewards student cardholder on every purchase.

It's easy to understand why those with student debt might want to consider this cashback program. When you use this card to make purchases, you will never pay any interest. This will save you hundreds of dollars in interest payments each year. Furthermore, since you are only paying back a portion of your purchases with this card, you will also be able to keep your expenses minimal so that your credit card debt stays low and manageable.

The cashback and rewards student card from Citibank come in two different types. You can choose the regular card or the VIP card. Both have the same benefits and will provide you with similar levels of service. The differences between the two however, lie in the way the cashback and rewards are applied to your account.

If you have several credit cards and would like to combine them into one account that will allow you to receive a higher percentage of cashback and rewards, then the VIP card is the one for you. In this cashback and rewards program, your rate of interest will not be as high as it is on other accounts. That said, you may find it more challenging to maintain this type of card because of the lower payments that you will make. If you are a student that needs to have multiple accounts to manage, then the regular CITI card may be the better choice for you.

If you are not a student but do need to maintain an account with CITI for some of your financial needs, then you are advised to go with the regular CITI card. This card offers a lower interest rate than the VIP and will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the cashback and rewards programs. The major drawback to this type of card is that you are limited to a cashback and rewards from one store. It is possible that you could end up being charged an extra fee if you shop at a different store. If you are only interested in getting cashback and do not use your credit extensively, then the regular CITI card should be fine for you. Just keep in mind that there are many advantages to the CITI rewards card as well as a few disadvantages.

With the regular card, you will enjoy cashback rewards and lower interest rates. The rewards programs will give you points for making purchases at CITI stores as well as bonus points for participating in their business credit card program. On the other hand, the CITI rewards student card allows you to shop at CITI stores and earn the cashback, but you have to pay a higher interest rate to benefit from the higher cashback and rewards programs. You will also find that the CITI rewards student card has fewer perks and benefits compared to the regular card. That said, if you plan to use the CITI rewards program, then it is worth evaluating whether the benefits offered outweigh the drawbacks.

Both the CITI rewards student card and the regular CITI card allow you to make purchases using your credit card. However, you are not able to use your credit cards for cashback or airline miles when you participate in the rewards programs. If you need cash and don't mind paying a higher interest rate along with a few added fees and costs then this type of student card may be a good choice for you. It offers cash back, low interest rates, convenient access to millions of stores, no annual fee and flexible spending arrangements. This means you won't have to cancel your current CITI card if you find a better offer elsewhere.

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