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3 Unbelievable Facts About Credit 3 Union | credit 3 union

The Credit Union was on a roll in the late 1990s and really picked up steam after the Monica Lewinsky affair. However, they were not immune to the scandals of the last decade as Enron, WorldCom, and down sizing from Sunbeam. But still they hung in there and finished the first quarter of the year on a strong note. Here are some observations of our local Credit Union on the evening of October 27th.

The Horizon League schedule was released early this morning and included the first half of a seven-game conference schedule. The conference schedule will be released later today. But, already it is showing some obvious trends. Most notably, the Horizon League schedule includes four of the top five teams in the country, and the top team from the United States, North Carolina State, takes the top spot. Also, we noted that the four best teams from the United States will meet in the first half of the season. Could it be an indication that we could see a US vs UK showdown sometime in the near future?

First, there was a big crowd at the credit union meeting on campus. About 150 people showed up and made significant noise. This is good to see because the larger crowd really does influence the atmosphere of a basketball team. If there is a crowd of over one hundred plus fans and they all want to voice their opinions, you can bet that the performance level will be much different.

Secondly, we saw the return of a very reliable player in sophomore Dejounte Henderson. His presence has certainly helped the Horizon League's scoring prowess. His 20 points against Southern Illinois has been the benchmark for performance from the junior guard position this season. He also had a career night against Ole Miss, scoring 18 points including three pointers. A month ago against Middle Tennessee State, Henderson recorded a career-high 21 points.

So, what can we expect out of junior guard D.J. Johnson this year? We saw great improvement early in the season, particularly from his three-point range. Hopefully, Johnson can continue to develop a three-point shot for his arsenal and become a more well rounded player. It would help if he could hit some open three pointers, but it seems he is more comfortable hitting shots from close range. Hopefully, he can develop a consistent outside shot for the credit 1 Union basketball team.

One area of concern with the Credit Union is their inability to get stops on the defensive end. We saw a few instances where they were caught on the second or third floor with no shooters to stop the break. During the opening quarter, the score was tied at 35 before halftime. On the second quarter, the score was tied again, but the Union made four three pointers in the opening three minutes, then missed their next two shots.

The second half featured back-to-back three pointers from sophomore's Rashard Lewis and Darius Miller, giving the Union a double-digit lead heading into the half. A couple of minutes later, the game was tied again at six points, when sophomore guard Rashard Lewis missed a three pointer on the floor. After that, the Union missed its next three shots. Darius Miller returned to the floor, making one of two free throws, then D.J. Johnson made a jumper to give the Credit Union a seven-point lead.

In the final game of the season, the Union missed its final three free throws, then missed its next three shots, as well. The result was a sloppy, eight-minute game – exactly what you would expect out of the Credit Union. They are well ahead of the Bobcats in the conference, but they need to start developing some consistency if they want to make the playoffs. They are a good team, but they have no chance of making it past the first round with this group.

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