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Five Reasons Why People Love Capital One Café | capital one café

Just over a year ago, on December 31, Capital One Cafe was forced to close its doors for non-payment of payroll taxes by the Hawaii Employment Development Department. According to a news release from the EDD, Capital One Cafe owners Peter Schlem and wife Crystal Moore faced tax fraud charges in January stemming from payments they made to the HIDOCs. The owners were accused of paying capital gains tax from purchases of coffee equipment and table wear in 2021 that exceeded HIDOC rates. HIDOC is an acronym for Home Improvement Distributors. Schlem and wife Crystal was also accused of paying payroll taxes for personal items that were not purchased with the restaurant money.

Owners could not produce pay slips to prove their income, according to the news release. “Your health and welfare are also our first priority. To minimize health risk fromcotuberculosis (CCA), we're temporarily closing certain branches. Customers can still access ATMS at all other branches which are open normally. Customers who purchased food products from our restaurant during the time of our closure will receive a refund or a credit card statement in the next sixty days, according to our contract with the Hawaii Department of Revenue.”

The HIDOC agreement between the cafe owners and the state was entered into when they opened the cafe in Waikiki in the fall of 2021. In order to maintain a tax identification number, all business owners need to open a register that displays the appropriate logo. In order to keep track of sales and receipts, each customer's name and address are entered in the cash register. The menu is printed on the wall in a way that customers can easily see it and take it home with them as they leave the establishment.

According to the news release, HIDOC was a contributing factor to the death of Capital One Cafe. When the owners and employees were notified of the potential closing, they were not able to find a buyer for the business. The association representing the cafe's operators had also been unable to sell the property to a new operator. The HIDOC agreement provided the legal justification for the death of Capital One Cafe because it forced the closing down of the cafe prior to an exit agreement that would have ensured that the restaurant closed permanently. The agreement stated that if a buyer was unable to purchase the property from the operators, then the operator would be forced to close the cafe. There was no exit window provided in the agreement.

The death of the capital one cafe sparked conflict among the Maui Investment Trust, the developer of the property, the cafe owners, the state's attorney general, and the Maui economic development agency. The developer, John Kunkel, was quoted as saying, “It's unfortunate that they (the investors) didn't work more diligently to save this wonderful cafe. This is a classic example of where people who don't seem interested in the long-term success of the venture end up losing their shirt.” He added, “I feel awful for the people who were negatively impacted by this deal.”

Many cafe owners said that it was difficult to determine whether the HIDOC agreement forced them to close the cafe or whether there were other problems. The Maui Investments Trust, however, released a statement saying that the agreement was null and void because it did not provide any exit window. In light of this issue, the association representing the cafe's operators is now looking into the matter with the help of an attorney to determine if the cafe owners were properly advised of their legal rights.

According to one of the investors in the business, George Rawlings, “The capital is certainly part of the equation, but it isn't everything. It's difficult knowing whether you can continue running a cafe business when the capital just isn't there.” He went on to say that the capital should play a key role in determining the success of the business while the operation of the other components only makes things better.

He continued, “I'm very happy that we are able to continue operating our cafe business because of the capital. However, the equity will determine the fate of the business.” In light of this news, many people are wondering if this business will be able to continue operating until its investors decide that it's time to sell. Though no one has yet confirmed that it will be shut down, the signs are starting to become clearer. According to George Rawlings, “I think the answer is yes and no.”

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