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How I Successfuly Organized My Very Own Auto Navigator | auto navigator

Auto Navigator is a free online program that offers free access to thousands of participating dealerships' inventory. Auto Navigator gives participating dealers the entire promoted inventory as a convenient shopping tool to help you look and search for your favorite vehicle with all the details you need. When you are finished shopping, you simply click the “cancel” or “done” button on the screen to return to the search results. All vehicles on offer by participating auto dealers can not be listed on Auto Navigator.

You can get started with auto navigator by filling out the simple request for information form. The information you will need to supply includes: your name; your address; your zip code; your phone number; your email address; and the state you reside in. If you already have an auto dealer credit application, please check the submission date. Please be aware that your requested information may take up to four weeks to receive a response.

If you are completing the request for information on a new or used vehicle, please ensure that you have all the applicable information. If you are not able to complete the form completely because you do not have all the required items, you should notify the program administrator by clicking on “send” on the auto navigator program home page. If you wish to cancel the auto navigator program without prior notice, you will be required to complete and submit the cancellation form at least sixty (60) days prior to the start of the promotional period.

You will receive an electronic copy of this form upon completion of the request for information. When the information is submitted, you must also indicate your maximum acceptable credit qualifications by indicating your current credit score on the Auto Navigator credit qualification form. Your auto navigator will generate a minimum monthly income required amount based on the information you provide. The income amount is based on the total of (if available) the following: total family net worth, current gross monthly income, approximately two (2) times your current annual minimum payment, approximately ten percent down payment amount, and the remaining percentage are interest rate.

Your auto navigator will inform you if you meet the minimum monthly income required as a sales candidate. If so, please click on “submit” on the next screen. You will then be required to click on “finish” on the next screen in order to indicate that you have reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions. Note that at this point, the auto navigator is not transmitting the requested information to any lender; however, the information will still be contained on your credit profile in the event that you decide to accept the terms and conditions later.

If you are financing a used vehicle purchase using your auto navigator, you may also receive an offer from one or more lenders to finance the vehicle using a combination of vehicle loan and an auto loan. In many cases, the lender will ask you for a copy of your credit report. In many cases, the lender will require you to submit a copy of your credit report to them before they will consider approving any financing. You should take the extra time necessary to review your credit report for mistakes; inaccuracies or discrepancies will seriously damage your chances of obtaining the best rates and terms when applying for a used vehicle purchase. If you have any errors or omissions in your credit report, the corrected forms can be submitted along with your application.

Your auto navigator works by providing you with a list of participating dealers. By selecting the specific vehicle you are interested in purchasing from the listing provided by your auto navigator, you can quickly find dealers near you and apply to them using the forms provided. You can then see what types of financing they are offering to you and whether or not you have been pre-qualified with no impact to your credit score. Once again, by completing the application process with one of these lenders, you are reducing the chances that you will be approved for a car loan.

As you can see, auto navigator applications can provide tremendous value to consumers. Not only can they provide you with valuable information about incentives, trade-in values and car images, but they can help save you valuable time as well. If you are looking for a new or used car, you may want to take a quick look at one of these auto navigator applications to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

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