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Is Citibusiness Card Still Relevant? | citibusiness card

Citibusiness Card from American Airlines is one of the easiest cards to get. You will find many ads for this credit card on the Internet. If you search for this credit card in Google you will get over two hundred thousand results. There are also many companies who are willing to offer you a card. American Airlines is one of those companies.

The Citibusiness card from American Airlines has several benefits and rewards that make it more appealing to frequent travelers. To begin with, the Citibusiness card earns a bonus of 60,000 AMEX bonus miles per card holder per year. To go along with this generous offer, the Citibusiness card also offers an additional generous bonus offer of 10,000 AMEX bonus miles once you spend an amount of money on your credit card account that exceeds your spending limit.

The third benefit of the Citibusiness card is that they offer their customers the opportunity to earn up to two miles for every dollar that they charge on their business expenses. This rewards program makes frequent travelers very happy. If you belong to the low mileage club, you can earn up to double points on your business expenses. All you have to do is to enroll in the preferred boarding program. To do this you must read the details that are found on the application.

The main benefit of the Citibusiness card is that it allows frequent travelers to earn free air travel if they meet certain requirements. To get started, if you book your flights online, you will need to complete the necessary registrations. Once you have made all the necessary payments, you will be provided with your exclusive preferred boarding pass. You will then be required to show proof of identification and proof of funds. These requirements are necessary to ensure that you receive your free flight to any of the cities.

Apart from the aadvantage of earning free air travel with the Citibusiness card, many business travelers find this advantage as one of the best advantages of their credit card. The other frequent flyer issuers offer a similar benefit and most of them charge their customers high interest rates. On the other hand, Citibusiness charges the customers with comparatively low interest rates. This low interest rate makes the credit cards of Citibusiness very much in demand among the business travelers. This is one of the main reasons why the credit card issuers of Citibusiness offer such low interest rate and long repayment period with the business travelers.

If you are a frequent traveler and want to have the best benefit of the Citibusiness card, you must enroll for the frequent traveler program. In this program, you will be entitled to earn reward points. The reward points can be redeemed after making your inflight food, beverage, and Wi-Fi purchases with your Citibusiness card. Thus, this will enable you to earn points every time you make flight travel and consume your choice of amenities. The reward points can be used for making your domestic itineraries, paying for baggage, purchasing souvenirs, purchasing tickets, and many more. You will thus be able to avail of great discounts on your flight ticket purchases.

There are some other major benefits of having the Citibusiness card offers. One is that, your purchase of tickets will be covered by insurance for any possible damages or loss during transit. Second, there is no spending limit on the purchases of inflight services and facilities. Third, there is an unlimited baggage allowance, which means you can take with you as much luggage as often as you want.

There are some other notable benefits offered by Citibusiness as well. First, they have a great card partner called XpressPay. With this partnership, you can enjoy the low interest rate on your credit card. Second, you will also get special offers such as a welcome offer to earn 65,000 advantage bonus miles after spending $1000 within the first 4 months of account opening. Lastly, Citibusiness has a special customer loyalty program which is also supported by XpressPay.

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