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3 Easy Ways To Facilitate Mastercard Small Business | mastercard small business

MasterCard announced the launch of its Cyber Security Monitoring Service (CSMS). The announcement was made during the annual virtual America CARES Small Business Relief Festival held at the White House in Washington, DC on Tuesday. As part of this commitment, the business will offer U.S. small businesses' access to needed resources to help safeguard their staff and their company through free cyber awareness assessments and identity theft prevention… This is good news for many small businesses that can really benefit from such a service. It's also good news for consumers who have been concerned about the risks of relying too exclusively on security when dealing with MasterCard.

As previously announced, Mastercard small business relief companies will be offering special pre-defined credit cardholders who use their cards regularly to certain benefits upon request. These special benefits are determined by certain terms and conditions that cardholders must agree to before the offer becomes effective. Here are some of the benefits offered:

Credit Waiver Benefit. As part of this new agreement, Mastercard small business cardholders will receive the benefit of waiving third party liability lawsuits and up to one year of credit limit protection. This means if your business receives a chargeback or a denied payment, you will not have to pay out of your own pocket as your credit card company is not responsible for the payment failure. This is a relief to U.S. dollar cardholders as they will not have to cover outrageous charges against their cards.

Salesforce Waiver. Salesforce has long been a partner of identity protection and credit risk management. According to information from IDC, a division of Salesforce, a mere twenty percent of small business cardholders utilize the services of an outside provider for their credit card transactions. The company's partnership with Intuit is intended to increase the use of Intuit products within the United States. By utilizing Intuit solutions, salesforce Waiver benefits small business owners as well.

Digital Resources. In order to take full advantage of the capabilities of salesforce essentials, small business owners are encouraged to access the following digital resources: -The Starbucks Way. The Starbucks Way provides vital information on how to best manage financial transactions through the utilization of Starbucks' powerful software solutions.

pandemic response. -The pandemic kit. Businesses in the small business market rely heavily on the pandemic kit as a resource for managing potential health risks and threats that could impact cardholders. The pandemic kit provides valuable digital resources that can be accessed through the Mastercard website – pandemic preparedness.

Salesforce Mobile. -The salesforce mobile suite. The salesforce mobile suite helps small businesses connect with one another more effectively. By facilitating secure and convenient communication, it also helps small businesses remain competitive in the marketplace. Salesforce Mobile can provide access to the entire salesforce community through unified communications that make it easier than ever for sales force customers to contact one another.

As part of a larger digital economy strategy, Mastercard has developed solutions that can help small businesses stay on top of the competition by integrating the physical and digital aspects of their businesses. Mastercard has made great strides toward transforming the way they do business. The combined efforts of Mastercard and pandemic software will enable them to address future-proof themselves against any potential threats to their financial stability. This vision of a future-proof business is one that every large retailer can embrace.

pandemic Security Solutions. – Pandemic Security Solutions offers comprehensive security solutions for the U.S. small businesses that face the threat of swine flu. The security solution from pandemic provides secure storage of data, automated email delivery and reporting of risks, hardware and software protection against viruses and malware, network security and identity and credit card protection. Each member of the company's international network is trained to respond to immediate threats and is trained to implement recommended contingency measures. The organization routinely partners with other industry experts and deploys systems and personnel to help other companies deal with security risks that may arise.

Sales. – Salesforce Mobile helps small businesses continue to reach their potential by enabling them to use the most up-to-date technology to reach the markets where they are competing. Salesforce Mobile is the ideal partner for small businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve and meet their future needs. Salesforce Mobile empowers sales professionals to connect with customers on the go. This new capability provides mobile workers with instant access to real-time customer information so they can understand the critical needs of the customer and proactively work to create solutions.

With the introduction of the Mastercard Small Business Solutions, small businesses will have access to a flexible and comprehensive set of integrated services that empower them to adapt quickly to the ever-changing global market. In addition, these innovative solutions will provide business owners with a scalable, flexible, easy-to-use technology platform that provides essential functionality that enables businesses to reach their full operational potential. These capabilities will enable Mastercard to effectively reach their future-proofed market. In addition, Mastercard has developed strong relationships with other global enterprise technology leaders to enhance the experience of their global members. Through these relationships, global businesses will be able to take advantage of the best emerging technologies that are designed to address the unique needs of their present and future market demands.

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