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Five New Thoughts About Green Dot Prepaid That Will Turn Your World Upside Down | green dot prepaid

Green Dot prepaid credit cards really are convenient. Like any other type of prepaid card they are good for purchases while you are waiting your turn to enter the store. You have the option of using the card for online purchases as well as at the stores that you normally would. Here are some benefits that make Green Dot a standout from the rest.

The first advantage is the ease of doing things with these prepaid credit cards. Like any other type of secured cards you will need to deposit money on them and before you are able to use it for online purchases, as well as your selection of Visa or Mastercard that you will use it with. There are not a lot of other options available to you in terms of how you get paid. With Green Dot you simply use your regular credit cards to withdraw cash.

Another advantage that comes with Green Dot prepaid cards is the fact that you don't pay high fees when you use them. Most people that have credit issues are limited by high fees associated with credit cards. They may also be limited by the amount of money they can purchase. It's important to be aware of both these things when you are choosing prepaid cards. If you want the lowest purchase price available along with no fees then you should look towards the secured card.

Green Dot prepaid credit cards offer many different benefits, but the one that most people are drawn to is the fact that they are visa cards. This means you get approval at the same level as regular cards and you won't have to worry about long term monitoring. This can be very important depending on where you will be traveling. You might be restricted to using your card at certain merchants or at certain ATMs, so you won't want to be limited. A prepaid card will allow you to travel freely and not worry about being watched while you purchase goods and services.

Another benefit you will find with Green Dot is the fact that you load money onto your card in increments. This means you don't have to worry about dealing with reloading your card like you would with a credit card. You can purchase what you need and then just load it onto your card. This is also good if you're traveling somewhere that has no ATMs or that requires you to load money upon arriving.

The one monthly fee that comes with the Green Dot prepaid visa card include the following: a transaction fee, a bank fee, a dollar charge for an ATM transaction, a cash advance fee, and a credit card payment fee. There are also some additional fees, but these are the major ones. They include a one time set up fee, a three month trial period, and a year long unlimited transaction fee. However, they also offer an annual refund policy. If you find you are not happy with your prepaid visa card, you have the option to get a refund.

Some of the other fees included with the Green Dot prepaid card include the ATM transaction fee, the teller cash withdrawal fee, and the annual refund policy. If you withdraw the money over a period of time that the company has set aside, you may be charged an ATM surcharge. This surcharge is not included in the statement you receive as an expense, but you will be charged for it every time you make a withdrawal.

The annual credit card fee includes an application fee, a statement fee, an ATM surcharge, a charge for the statement, and an interest rate. The statement fee is not waived but is required for you to repay the balance due in full. The a balance inquiry fee is an additional fee you will be charged if you decide to use your card overseas. There is also a monthly membership fee, which may be renewed without penalty if you wish to extend your Green Dot Prepaid Card's use. You can cancel your membership at any time prior to the renewal date.

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