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Here’s What People Are Saying About Platinum Credit | platinum credit

Brought to you by one of the leading financial institutions in India – SBI Platinum Credit Cards. SBI is also known as a saving bank in India. SBI Platinum Credit Cards are issued by SBI itself. These cards can be used at any of the outlets across India, till the date of purchase. The card gives card holders a double reward for every dollar they spend as well as earn points for dining out, traveling and so on.

Rewards apart, these cards come with various features and benefits. You earn reward points based on your purchases at home and abroad. You can earn entry to over 200 premium hotels in the country as a free gift. Use the card for over one year and get another anniversary gift certificate worth INR from SBI. When the balance gets near to zero, you can redeem the points for airline tickets booked at the departure airport lounge.

Cards with platinum credit limit and annual fee are usually given first chance to cardholders. However, there are certain criteria for the selection of these cards. Usually, the selection is made on the basis of how many reward points one can earn on every dollar spent. The choice of cardholders is also made on the basis of their annual fee.

The main benefits of these cards are that they give ample opportunity to cardholders to earn reward points and save money on shopping by paying a minimal annual fee. These cards have less annual fee when compared to other cards. However, in order to avail the benefit of the card, one has to keep a track of his spending pattern over a period of time. In order to achieve this, one has to keep a tab on the amount spent, the types used and the amount of use. One can also ask for a special help package to get maximum benefits.

Cash back offer is one of the best features of these platinum cards. One can enjoy up to 1% cash back on purchases at selected retailers. Most of these cards offer additional rewards as well. One can earn loyalty points and premium miles by making purchases at selected restaurants and shops. They can also earn free air tickets if they spend a certain number of days at selected air sites. All such offers are made in accordance to ones spending pattern and history.

These cards are issued by SBI, a bank in India. As most of the people residing in India do not have bank accounts, these platinum credit cards may be the ideal choice. There are various other banks as well, which offer platinum cards but SBI is the best among them. One can make his account with SBI without much hassle.

American Express is another such company which offers platinum credit cards along with other services. The other major credit card companies offer platinum cards as well but their limit of rewards is less than those of American Express and its own cards. However, American Express has many options available and its cards suit the needs of all cardholders. It is accepted almost everywhere in the globe and it offers the best customer care. One can use it to pay bills online, making life simpler.

There are many more companies that offer platinum credit cards like Diners Club, Discover and Travelocity etc. One can compare the benefits offered by each card and choose the best suited option. It is recommended that one should do his personal research before selecting any platinum credit card options. One can check out online reviews to find out which company is most reliable. It is also recommended that one should take his time before deciding on the specific card.

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