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Learn The Truth About Western Union Mastercard In The Next 3 Seconds | western union mastercard

A couple of days ago, Western Union posted on their official Facebook page a promo code for a discount on any gift cards or checks when you use one of their services to purchase them. The post was promptly shared by numerous users, generating many responses from readers asking how they too could receive a discount on the gift cards or checks they need for their personal or business use. Several individuals were confused about the promotion, believing that Western Union was offering a discount on a non-branded product when, in fact, the discount is for using their services. However, it turns out that this is not the case: rather, the discount is for using the company's services to pay for gift cards and/or checks instead of purchasing them at regular market prices.

With nearly one billion dollars in assets under its belt, WU acts as an international money transfer agent. In addition, they also provide consumers access to prepaid cards at a variety of different locations. For example, in over 200 countries around the globe, WU supports direct deposit services. Also, the company partners with retailers, such as Walmart and Sam's Club, to expand their services to the unbanked.

The newest promo code that goes into effect on April 1st is the “Worldwide” promotion. According to the promotion, shoppers can save ten percent on select purchases, including gas, groceries, select premium brands, and select international airline tickets when they use WU's services to pay for the items. The company noted that nearly two hundred million Americans use WU's services to pay for their groceries, which saves them over one point five dollars per month on household grocery expenses. This translates into about seven hundred and sixty thousand households across the United States using direct deposit to pay their household grocery bill. In addition, WU has partnered with the United Kingdom's Department of Justice to expand its” FSA-approved” Visa prepaid debit cards across the pond.

As part of the promotion, WU has expanded its customer service program by adding a free App for WU Visa prepaid debit cards. This new feature allows the customer to apply for and open an account online, making it very convenient. Once approved, shoppers can download their App and activate their new card account. WU will continue to support the App, which has received great reviews from both customers and App users. Another WU service enhancement is the addition of the Contact Netspend service, which is a feature that lets customers keep track of their expenditures and payments on the card. The contact netspend service requires the customer to download the WU merchants' desktop and mobile apps and then to sign-in to their WU account.

Another great service enhancement is the ability to register a new phone number directly to the WU prepaid Mastercard account. For example, instead of calling a 800 number, you could instead call the 800 number on your card. WU's Contact Netspend makes this process even easier since all you have to do is to sign-in on your WU account using your primary email address and your primary phone number. With this function activated, all purchases made on the app can be tracked, automatically stored, and sent to your regular credit or bank account.

The contactless credit application process has also been made even easier with the activation of WU's new PayPal payment option. PayPal is a secure payment gateway that allows for secure electronic transfers between online retailers, vendors, and consumers. So instead of carrying around lots of cash, shoppers can now simply use their credit cards to purchase products online and pay via PayPal when the transaction is complete.

WU recently expanded its services by allowing the flexibility of having the ability to shop at any one of its retail outlets in the country. Its prepaid Mastercard is available at over 1800 participating stores and merchants. To get the fastest possible service and best rates, shoppers can choose a WU SpeedPay Pro Retail Service. WU SpeedPay Pro gives shoppers the ability to shop at the same great locations they already use. For instance, instead of going to Wal-Mart, a customer can go to a WU SpeedPay Post Office store, where they can apply for a Mastercard.

The WU SpeedPay app sends a customer's payment directly to their bank account, saving time and money by eliminating the need to go to the bank to get funds deposited. It also helps reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions, as all transactions are performed electronically. Customers can use the WU SpeedPay app for online purchases and for direct deposit into their bank account. All transactions are insured, so customers can rest easy knowing that if something does happen to their cards, WU will still cover it.

If you want to learn more about WU SpeedPay, you will be asked to register through the Internet. Once you're registered, you'll be asked to log in using your Western Union membership number. Once you're logged in, you can do a search, look up a location near you, or see a map to show you where your card account is located. Then, you can just click continue, and in less than a minute you'll be ready to shop online and pay your bills with the world's most secure and convenient prepaid debit card!

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