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Seven Moments To Remember From Exxonmobil Credit Card | exxonmobil credit card

Recently I had to make a payment on my Exxonmobil credit card. At first I thought, “Great! This means I can use my card for anything I want now!” Unfortunately, I was wrong because soon after the payment cleared, the card started sending me lots of messages that did not make sense to me at all.

Intro APR and Annual Fee – The first thing that caught my attention about my email was the introductory APR for my exxonmobil credit card. At first I thought that it was only for six months but then it got bigger. It turns out that this introductory APR is for an entire year! Then the regular APR charged on the card is also not much lower than the exxonmobil credit card charges, which is indeed terrible. The average APR on the whole card is about a thousand points higher than the most expensive charge card offered by any other bank.

Cash Back Reward Formula – While I cannot tell you what the cash back reward formula is or how many rewards you can actually get, I will tell you that it is not worth it. You get no cash back on the purchases you make using the card, you just earn rebates instead. On top of that, the cash rebates are not much help because it says that you can only earn one point per dollar spent, but then it deducts the rebate amount from your account every time you make a purchase. Now, I do not know about you, but that is not an effective way to earn rebates.

Gas Credit Cards – Even though gas prices are still very high, you can still earn rebates using the gas cards offered by Exxomi. Just like the other gas cards, you get a certain percentage off of the cost of gasoline. To make it worse, you also have to pay for rebates on the amount of gasoline used. You earn two rebates at a maximum, and then you have to pay for that as well. This is a scam in my opinion, and I would avoid them at all costs.

Account Open Date – If you are going to pay for gas with your credit card, then you want to make sure that your account open date is something that is flexible. Some banks only give you six months to a year to keep your account open, while others give you thirty days. The best companies to give you a full year to keep your account open.

covid-19 – This is the price per gallon of gas. Every company has different prices. You may see a $2.00 per gallon for a few select brands. The goal here is to look at the upside and the downside. If you can save more money per gallon, then you are probably going to get more dollars back in profit. If not, then you have more concerns.

No annual fee – A lot of people believe that if you don't spend money then you are not going to earn money. Well, this statement doesn't quite hold true in this case. Even if you do not use your smart card to purchase anything for a year, you still get the benefit of earning a refund each month for spending that you did not incur.

These cards can be beneficial, but you need to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to the oil or the gas. If you feel that you are going to have an allergic reaction, just stop using the card and continue your payments without a problem. This will help the company earn a better profit and eventually make the gas and oil that you buy cheaper.

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exxonmobil credit card | exxonmobil credit card

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