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Ten Common Myths About Chase Visa Card | chase visa card

If you have bad credit and need a credit card to re-establish your good credit, a Chase Visa Card may be the right option. Who qualifies for a Chase Visa Card, anyway? Pre-approved offers sent by mail. In some cases you can receive a pre-approval email, but in other cases you will be sent for an in-person visit to sign up for your Chase Visa Card. In either case, here are some guidelines to help you get started:

How long is the grace period? There is a one year grace period on most Chase Visa Card applications, as well as on all non-Chase credit cards. During this time you cannot owe more than $7500 on any one account. After the one year grace period, you must begin to pay any balance that appears on your account before the end of your grace period. So if you only spent the limit on one Chase Visa Card and then used the card to make a cash advance payment, you would have to pay the balance before the grace period ended, otherwise you would have to start all over again with a new application.

Are there any rewards or benefits offered with my new Chase Visa Card account? While there are no cash back or bonus programs offered with a regular Chase Visa Card, they may be available with some traveling rewards cards. Each card offers its own unique rewards and benefits. For example, there are many credit cards that offer travel bonuses when you use them at certain hotels. If you are planning a vacation or a business trip and see that you need a credit card to help you stay on track, a travel rewards card would be the way to go.

What kinds of rewards and benefits can I receive by using my Chase Visa Card? There are lots! Some of the more popular features include air miles, cash back, rebates, and the ability to set up direct deposit. You can also enjoy reduced interest rates, no annual fees, and attached savings account. If you don't like the annual fees, you can always opt for the zero-interest introductory periods. Even if you don't travel or make a lot of purchases, you can benefit from the many incentives offered with a Chase Visa Card.

When do I get my new card? Every time you make a purchase, you are issued a charge notice. That charge notice will specify your annual fee, the grace period (if any), the APR, and your rewards and benefits. Cards issued by Chase come with the terms for the most current details. All you have to do is visit the pricing page for your specific card and you'll have all of the information you need.

What are some of the card benefits offered with the Chase Visa Card and how can I qualify for additional discounts? With so many benefits and added perks, you can be certain that you'll be reaping the rewards and benefits of owning your own Chase Visa Card. For example, there are several balance transfer offers available to new cardholders, as well as several credit card provisions that are designed to help you save money each month while you are paying off your balance.

What other types of incentives are available with my new Chase Visa Card? Balance transfers and other types of rewards and benefits can only be obtained with credit cards issued by Chase. With a multitude of banks offering such things, it becomes difficult to choose which one has the best deal. Luckily, there are a few websites that offer helpful tools to help you figure out which credit cards offer the greatest potential for savings. You can also go online to review the benefits offered by each credit cards you're interested in applying for.

In addition to being able to review all of the information we have listed above, you will also be able to read the terms for the most current details. Please click on the links below to learn more about the benefits and features offered by each Chase Visa Card. The sooner you choose which card best suits your needs, the sooner you will be enjoying the rewards and benefits of owning a Chase Visa Card.

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