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The History of American Express Gold Card | american express gold card

The American Express Gold Card is among the best-rated cards on the market, and you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Sure, it is kind of cool to receive a card manufactured out of gold (and sometimes offered in burgundy), but that is not the only reason this card ranks so high as top credit card with rewards and best travel companion. Let's face it. The best way to travel is still by air, but there are so many airlines these days that it is hard to choose which ones to fly on! American Express has numerous perks and benefits that make them the ideal travel companion.

One perk American Express gives to their cardholders is statement credits. If you travel a lot then you know just how inconvenient it can be to carry cash along with you! Even if you do happen to have cash, there is no guarantee you will have access to your flight when you need it. This is where the annual fee comes in to play. Even though an American express gold card does not charge an annual fee, your statement credits will let you claim those fees back!

You can also get bonuses for American express Gold Card holders. There are many offers from different hotels, car rental companies, department stores, airlines, and even gas stations. These bonuses can give you a significant amount of savings. And since your points add up to rewards, you will find yourself shopping more often than with other cards that offer cash back or statement credits, which means that you will eventually save lots of money.

Another great perk of the American express gold card is that you can get special offers and low costs when it comes to staying at specific hotels. There are many hotels across the country, so they offer special rates. The only problem is that these rates do not come cheap. In order to get an American express gold card, you will need to pay an annual fee, but this fee is very affordable. You can also get great deals on car rentals and airline tickets when you use the card to book them online, which means you save even more money!

Finally, don't forget the perks that go along with American express gold card holders. You will receive free travel insurance as long as you have the card, which is a great perk. Plus, you can purchase any of their services that you want, like rental cars, hotel stays, cruises, and even sightseeing tickets. The best cards also provide the best benefits for dining plans. There are many options for meal plans, including flex plans and family plans. This means that if you have a family and multiple members, you can all eat at the same restaurant for the same price, saving you even more money!

One of the best perks on the American express gold card is the no foreign transaction fee. If you have an outgoing trip coming up, but don't plan on staying in the US, you can purchase plane tickets for any of your stops along the way for free. So, no matter where you are going, you will be able to make it there without paying the fee. However, when it comes to traveling within the US, you do still have to pay the fee, but it isn't nearly as much as the no foreign transaction fee would be. In fact, you can save hundreds of dollars!

Another great benefit of having the American Express Gold Card is the complimentary gift cards that they provide. When you use your credit cards, you earn reward points, like cash back or air miles. You can then use these reward points towards making future purchases. Not only that, but you can also apply your reward points towards earning even more money! Even if you aren't a huge spender, you can earn some extra spending cash, which will definitely come in handy!

The one major drawback of having the American Express Gold Card is that it has very stringent spending requirements. You are required to have a balance above $1000 before you will qualify for any rewards. Fortunately, they do have an easy approval process, since their application requirements are very minimal. Once approved, you can begin collecting your rewards immediately, which means that you can begin enjoying the benefits of owning this card right away. As long as you make your monthly payments on time and don't go over your spending limit, you'll be able to enjoy all of the rewards!

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