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The Modern Rules Of American Express Platinum Card | american express platinum card

The American Express Platinum Card from American Express just recently underwent a significant revamp of its rewards offered on this card. While $ 550 was already an expensive price to pay for a card, increasing it by an additional 25% just makes it harder to justify. Even with that much increase in price, however, the rewards are still very good. The new rebates and discounts include an upgrade from cash back to air miles. They also increase the amount you can save on your travel by giving you twice the amount of cash back on purchases for air travel as well as hotel stays for your car rentals or other travel arrangements.

As well as the rewards, American Express also has some solid perks for their platinum cardholders. For one thing, they have a credit card that has zero interest for the first twelve months on any purchases you make. Then for those individuals that spend a certain amount of money every month, an interest-free period kicks in after this period has ended.

Then there is the welcome bonus. American Express offers their platinum cardholders a special offer that comes in the form of a small rebate off of their first six months of spending. This offer lasts for twelve months and is good on just about any order you make for groceries, gas, clothes, or other items. It also applies to some services such as rent and mortgage payment. This welcome bonus can save you hundreds of dollars in a short period of time.

Aside from the special rebates and interest-free period, American Express gives their customers quite a few other perks as well. Like most cards, there is an annual fee that will need to be paid. However, the annual fee is significantly less than what you would pay for most other cards on the market today. The reason American Express has a lower annual fee is due to the amount of security features they include in their cards. The same security features that protect you from fraud online also protect you from fraud at the pumps, airline lounges, and at select restaurants.

Each American Express platinum card comes with a number of rewards. Some of these rewards are added bonuses that you earn based on how much you use your card. For example, if you choose to get an American Express card with a rewards program that gives out cash back for every dollar you charge, you will be rewarded with five or ten percent of that total dollar amount. Other added benefits may include travel points, free hotel stays, and rental cars.

Other perks that American Express provides with their platinum card include emergency assistance, travel protection, and the personal touch. If you need to contact customer service, you can do so toll-free, which means you won't be charged a fee for the inquiry. You also have access to the company's concierge service, which is great for booking tickets, making reservations, and getting information on all of the many perks that American Express offers. The concierge service is also a great way to get special deals and free gifts.

If you are a business owner with a number of employees, you can get even more perks by becoming an American Express platinum card member. When you become an American Express platinum card holder, you are given access to the company's partner programs. With these partners, you can enjoy the best of air travel benefits and hotel rewards programs, including all-inclusive travel packages, flight rewards, and dining plans. The best part about being an American Express platinum card holder is you don't have to pay an annual fee for the membership. You are also exempt from the application and approval fees, which mean you don't need to shell out a single cent to get the benefits of this card.

With an American Express platinum card, you can make travel more enjoyable, as well as save money on dining, gas, and entertainment. You also have access to the company's partner lounges, which means you can visit any of your favorite airports and enjoy world class shopping and dining. If you have an American Express Platinum Card, you can use it anywhere Amex accepts airline credit cards at participating locations, including retail stores, airport lounges, hotels, and theme parks. For added convenience, you can even purchase rewards points when you shop at the various outlets and receive discounts on everything from movies to food to sports tickets. With an American Express platinum card, you can travel like a king!

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