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The Seven Reasons Tourists Love Mastercard And Visa Card | mastercard and visa card

Both of the payment networks cater to their cardholders with many common advantages such as extended credit, travel insurance, travel discounts, car rental, etc but there exists only a slight difference between MasterCard and Visa Card. Although both are accepted widely internationally; there lies very little change in their statistics or figures of cardholders or their number of countries where they are accepted.. Both are accepted at every mall and shopping complex worldwide but Visa Card is preferred since it offers travelers with rewards. The rewards offered by both of them can be counted in different areas such as gas expenses, purchases made on your airline tickets, and purchases made at hotels. However, there are differences between MasterCard and Visa Card also. They have several benefits that differentiate them from one another.

When it comes to the chargebacks and fraudulent transactions both of the payment networks have very high standards and you need to follow them strictly for both of them to be accepted globally. This is how much difference there is between MasterCard and Visa Card. Visa cards are much preferred in most cases because they provide more flexibility to the user than does MasterCard. You may carry several Visa cards at the same time. And when you are using it abroad, you will not face the hassles of carrying huge amount of cash along with you.

While Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted, both banks have certain limitations when it comes to the debit cards. They have issued certain debit cards that are only allowed to be used for specific ATM machines. In most of the cases, people carry a Mastercard which serves as their primary bank. These cards are much preferred by banks as they allow greater flexibility while paying for items purchased at stores and other places.

The charges for using debit cards at certain MNC's like American Express and Discover Card or at certain stores like Macy's or Wal-Mart are almost the same as that of MasterCard. However, there are certain differences as regards to the interest rates charged by the issuer. Some of the stores like JC Penney and Wal-mart charge higher interest rates than the American Express card. It is true that the issuer can charge higher interest rates if you are not an authorized user of their service.

Most of the times, the issuers of MasterCard charge slightly higher than banks. This is because the issuing agency or bank will get a commission from the sale of the product. Hence the interest rate will also be determined by the commission earned by the issuer. The American Express and Discover Card are backed up by MasterCard, and the issuer can charge higher interest rates for credit cards issued with the help of this brand name. However, the terms and conditions of different companies vary and you need to check them thoroughly before proceeding.

One thing to keep in mind is that while applying for an international student credit card, one must follow the same guidelines that would be followed if one was applying for an American Visa or MasterCard. Most of the time, international students have to prove their legal age before being granted approval for the credit cards. There are also different terms and conditions associated with the usage of the credit cards. These apply to both people with permanent residency as well as people who are eligible for being sponsored as international students. The charges of these cards are quite similar to the ones that one would pay for using a MasterCard or Visa.

The international students can use the international student credit cards to make purchases in over 40 countries around the world including China, India, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and many others. One can use the Mastercard for making hotel reservations in over 40 countries across the world including France, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and Germany. The Mastercard and visa cards can also be used to pay for tolls, buy plane tickets, buy railway tickets, rent cars, reserve rooms at tourist destinations, purchase Internet services, make payments for cruises, enter and exit the country, and pay for emergency medical services. One can also avail the services of the travel agents and hotels to help them book rooms at world elite hotels around the world.

The international students can even withdraw money from ATM machines operated by banks in various countries including China, India, and Malaysia. The atm card can be used to make purchases at kiosks located at bus stops, subways, and ticketing booths across the cities in India. One can also withdraw money from ATMs inside hospitals in various cities in India such as Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai. One can even withdraw money from the ATM machine at the gate of the cyberworld in the vicinity of Tokyo, Taipei, and Beijing.

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