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This Is How Visa Gold Card Will Look Like In 2 Years Time | visa gold card

If you're shopping for a credit card that offers a reward for spending money, the Visa Gold Card from Discover is one of the best choices out there. It offers rewards in the form of Gold Cards that can be used to purchase merchandise and services at selected retailers. No annual fee, no membership fees, no maintenance fees, and no penalties for making purchases in excess. You can also enjoy rewards for travel miles, cash back or other benefits.

Low APR. All Visa Gold Cards comes with low APR, less than the average of 15%. A few come with a low fixed APR of 9.9% on purchases. 0% introductory APR on balance transfers made within the introductory period.

Rewards. You can use your visa gold cards for rewards programs. There are a variety of rewards programs including travel rewards, cash back, department store discounts, gas rebates, airline miles, gift certificates and more. To see all the available rewards programs, and the terms and conditions for each program, go to Visa's website.

Emergency services. You may not live in an area where a bank offers emergency services. In that case, consider a Visa Gold Card that offers emergency services like medical assistance, accident assistance and restoration services, and legal assistance. Many Gold Cards offer coverage for a percentage of your medical expenses, and up to one thousand dollars of lost income during a year, for up to twelve months. If you have a family member that has been in a car accident and requires emergency medical care, a Gold Card could be the ideal solution.

Low apr. There are many Visa Gold card offers that offer low apr balances. They typically pay close to nothing on the balance transfer fee. The low apr credit cards offer benefits like travel rewards, low interest rates on purchases, cash back or rebate programs, low or no annual fee and low ongoing fees and charges.

Fraud protection. Some credit cards offer zero or low apr balance transfer fees, but they don't offer any other types of fraud protection. Visa Gold cards with fraud protection include provisions that allow you to make an insurance claim and receive up to two thousand dollars in assistance, in case your card is lost or stolen. It is important that you compare the low or no annual fee and low or no balance transfer fee cards to find the one that best suits your needs.

Low rate. Credit cards generally offer very low rate APRs for making purchases, but you should still look at all the details to determine which ones have the lowest APR and lowest rates. For example, some cards may have special offers only available to cardholders with Platinum or Gold levels, so it is important to read the fine print to see what you qualify for and if you meet all the criteria.

Cash advances. One of the main benefits of a visa gold credit card is the ability to use cash advances for emergency situations. However, you have to be careful when using these cash advances, as high interest rates and stiff penalties make them a risky proposition. Make sure the interest rates do not exceed 30% APR for your convenience.

Rewards. Visa has several reward programs to choose from, including air miles and rental cars. Some credit cards also offer cash back, reward points and rental insurance. Depending on the type of Visa Gold Card you get, you may be limited to cash withdrawals only, not machines may be required, and you may be limited to one cash advance at a time. As a general rule, do not sign up for any rewards programs unless you are certain you can use them.

Transactions fees. Credit cards come with a high interest rate and a high service charge. Although they are convenient, it is wise to avoid getting a card with a high service charge and low APR. If you are going to get an international credit card, choose one that comes with low APR but charges a low annual fee and low foreign transaction fees. To be sure, read all the details to be sure the annual fee and foreign transaction fees you will pay will not make your credit card unusable.

Other charges. Some credit companies also charge an annual fee, foreign transaction fees and a security deposit. Before applying for a secured Visa Gold Card, make sure you will not need to pay any of these additional charges. Also find out if the annual fee and security deposit are waived for the first year.

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