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This Is Why Edd Unemployment Bank Of America Is So Famous! |

When I heard about EDD unemployment Bank of America, I was surprised to find out that it is not part of the FDIC and is part of the lender's Workforce Investment Office. But, I should have been. I had asked my banker about EDD fraud almost a year ago, so I knew something was wrong when I finally found out what the bank was involved in. The entire bank participated in a massive conspiracy to defraud the United States government, fraudulent charge bonuses to employees, and run a Ponzi scheme while illegally running the company.

These actions by EDD unemployment bank of America will undoubtedly be held up in court, but it would be interesting to see what else the United States Department of Justice and our Justice Department would do to hold the employer accountable. In a legal sense, they may be able to sue them under the False Claims Act, or the Federal False Claims Act. If this were to happen, we could see huge fines being levied against the company. This would help prevent another pandemic of fraud in the long run.

In addition to the above mentioned scenario, it appears as if the company may be able to be sued under the RICO Anti-RICO Act. The FDIC had previously fined seven major banks $52 million for their roles in running a fake ID and unemployment benefits kickbacks. This revelation comes at a time when the entire world is reeling from the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Many people do not understand why the Government is being blamed for this pandemic of fraud when the banking industry itself ran rampant with fraud for years. After all, no one has ever reported receiving unemployment benefits on their disability claims until now. Now, people are filing disability claims on non-disability basis because they did not receive any unemployment benefits for months or even years. The timing and duration of the fraud are such that the Government should have been warning us from the beginning. Yet, apparently, we were simply so trusting of these institutions that we never thought to check up on them.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the EDD unemployment benefits failed to comply with the proper guidelines for timely disbursement. In fact, the report finds that over $40 million was improperly disbursed. In addition, the report further found that this problem is likely to become a much worse problem as employers continue to use these non-employment benefits as a means to circumvent the unemployment laws and collect on former employees. It is no wonder that the GAO has warned of a possible “phony crisis” and that the Federal Trade Commission is looking into the matter.

A great way to check out whether your tax dollars are being used for illegal activities is to check out the Direct Loan Fraud Hotline, which can be called in to determine if the Direct Loan Program is being abused. Specifically, the hotline can be utilized to determine if there are any problems with processing the debit card debit payments for the United States Department of Education. As previously stated, the Direct Loan Program was originally created to help alleviate the severe cash shortages which occurred during the early stages of the global pandemic. However, what took place was an illegal misuse of millions of dollars through what is known as “federated access” cards.

The Direct Loan Program may have been misused by some unscrupulous lenders in order to collect on millions of dollars that were never received by the Department of Education. So, the question which must be asked is ” Were these billion dollar stimulus grants intended to be used in this manner? The bottom line is that this appears to be an example of bad news fraud which is sweeping across the United States. In fact, one of the economists who has been examining the fraudulent use of the billions of dollars in grant funding believes that this represents an unprecedented level of fraud. Additionally, other financial experts believe that it may well represent a new form of green-card identity theft.

If you're thinking about applying for a loan from the EDD Bank of America or any other direct loan program, it would be a good idea to contact either the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Federal Trade Commission. By contacting either of these agencies, one could obtain additional information which would be helpful in determining whether to seek out an alternative to the EDD Bank of America. In the end, if one believes that they have been a victim of bad news or other forms of fraud related to the direct loan programs, it may be necessary to contact either the United States Justice Department or the Federal Trade Commission. Either of these agencies will provide one with information which is necessary to obtain refund assistance.

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