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Why You Must Experience Divvy Mastercard At Least Once In Your Lifetime | divvy mastercard

Divvy MasterCard offers great features that make it a top choice for many consumers. It does not matter if you are using this card for online purchases, making a point of sale purchase, or making a personal transaction. Divvy has a lot of different features to meet different consumer needs. These features work together to help make it an easy way to pay bills.

Functionality. Divvy is a cost effective and budgeting tool that automates the entire expense tracking process for business. Each customer pays in cash or with a virtual card for everyday expenses. The consumer can also request approval for their own virtual cards via the internet. All expenses are automatically deducted from each bill using a customized Divvy expense entry and payment module. The Divvy MasterCard offers a comprehensive accounting software that allows users to view all payments in a simple report.

Budgeting Flexibility. A primary feature of divvy is the ability to create and manage multiple budget categories. The advanced expense management feature gives you a wide variety of options for categorizing expenses in all areas. You can create categories based on your experience, type of activity, frequency of spending, etc.

Flexibility for Expense Reports. This is where it all starts to get really interesting. Divvy utilizes a highly advanced expense management reporting feature that generates customized expense reports for each of your virtual cards.

Online and Offline Capability. Divvy has a very popular online accounting software that makes it extremely functional for both the consumer and business. Divvy also offers a mobile version of its web-based budgeting and tracking platform. Divvy users can access their account information from any location by simply downloading the Divvy MasterCard app. The Divvy MasterCard app also synchs all information from any financial institution and gives users a highly customizable and personalized overview of their financial health.

Flexibility of Software Implementation. If you want to integrate your divvy travel program with your current accounting software then it's incredibly easy to do. Divvy uses an industry-standard XML format for its back-end transactions. It also allows you to seamlessly integrate it with any other third party software that supports the same industry standard. If your current system doesn't support this then there's no need to buy a separate accounting software. In fact the majority of the programs available on the market today have full compatibility with the Divvy MasterCard.

Expense Reports For Mobile Devices. Divvy takes budgets to a whole new level by allowing you to not only see them at a glance but also export them for analysis or further detail. If you have ever wondered how much you spend on certain items or what your overall expenses are you can view it all real time from within your divvy travel program. The Divvy Expense Viewer even allows you to export your expenses to excel so you can print them out as a PDF.

Mobile and Web Accessibility. Because of it's cross-platform functionality, the divvy card can be used in conjunction with any mobile or web based app. This includes applications like Google Maps, Evernote, PayPal, and many others. So if you have a mobile app designed for expense management or if you have a web based finance team, you can integrate your cards with ease. Using the same open source applications that power your website, you can easily update expense reports, enter travel data, enter sales data and even enter employee information.

Flexibility with Reporting. Because of its unobtrusive layout, you can display detailed reports in almost any format you desire without having to sacrifice the divvy look and feel. Once the expense report is exportable to Excel, it can be used as an executive expense report, sales and profit report, an inventory tracking report, a customer invoice, or even as a budget planning report. You can do virtually anything that an accountant or finance team would do and it all runs in real tim

Monitoring the Spending. The Divvy MasterCard has an extremely useful feature that allows business owners to view all spending over the course of a month or quarter at a single click. This means no searching through spreadsheets to find relevant information and no worry about forgetting to punch in a key number or clicking multiple times trying to input data. The built in tracking system will alert you to any out of pocket expenses that you might not have seen otherwise and this will help you ensure that your company is not spending more than it is making.

Beyond rewards and incentives, a business owner should be aware of the actual costs that are incurred in running their business. These expenses should also be recorded in expense reports so that you can see at a glance where most of your money is going. If you aren't already using expense reports, you really should be because they are an incredible way to keep track of your spending and understand where you are spending too much money. Keeping the bottom line in sight can be the difference between achieving growth and financial disaster.

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