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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Visa Business Card | visa business card

Visa Business Card – offer details. Offer details: Visa Business Select offers you a special rewards program that gives you a free $30 rebate after you make $1500 in purchases on your Visa Business Card. The rebate will be applied to your bill payments, ATM withdrawals, and any other purchases you make. This is an exclusive Visa promotional offer and is limited to select locations. Participating locations include Department stores, supercenters, gas stations, supermarkets and restaurant car parks.

Visa Business Cards features and benefits include: Visa Business Cards is available to all qualified cardholders including authorized officer employees, and suppliers and partners. Authorized officers and suppliers are subject to the same approval processes and terms as other authorized cardholders. There are two types of authorized officers; regular and partner. Each classification has its own set of application requirements.

Individual Bill Accounts: An individual account allows you to manage your own finances without being tied to an employment relationship with a bank. You can manage your expenses, cash flow and create and cancel credit cards, while only needing to complete one payment per month. There are no membership fees. Individual bill accounts are subject to the same credit limit and billing rules as business card accounts. Cardholders may not exceed their credit limit or pay late payments while an individual account member is enrolled in an agreement.

Rewards & Free Travel: Rewards come in many forms including travel discounts, free products, cash back, items purchased at merchants and online programs. Reward categories range from cash back to frequent flyer miles. Some merchants offer reward programs that feature Visa cards. You can earn rewards for the use of your Visa card at restaurants; hotels, gas stations, car rental companies and other participating businesses. You can earn reward points in a variety of categories including restaurants, department stores, gas stations and online shopping. When you redeem your points, you earn money to use to pay bills, buy groceries, vacation, or spend money for pleasure.

Call The Number on the Back of Your Card: Many business card issuers have incorporated technology into their cards to allow cardholders to dial a toll free number to access their card information. This service usually operates via a toll-free number that can be dialled by a dedicated customer service number or forwarded to a recording. The customer service representative will either connect the call to a live operator or pass the call onto a voicemail box. This feature is great for making telephone calls to your business card and tracking purchases, but it does nothing for you if you cannot remember to call the number back.

Stay Focused With Spends: Many business cards offer reward features like free meals, hotel stays, travel miles, etc. Often, cardholders forget to take advantage of these features. When you do so, you could be spending more on interest than actual rewards. Cardholders who track their spending and take advantage of reward opportunities are able to maximize the rewards on their business cards, while also minimizing their spending.

Maximize Cash Back Rewards: Some Visa business cards also offer cash back rewards programs. These rewards come in the form of frequent flyer miles, gift certificates, etc. If you regularly make purchases with your card (such as fuel, groceries, etc.) you should look into adding cash back rewards to those purchases to maximize the amount of money you save.

Set Company Credit Limit and Allow Only Those With Visa Business Cards: One of the most common mistakes made by small business owners is not setting individual employee spend limits. Small companies usually only allow one card per employee. If you then have employees use all of your cards, you end up paying high interest rates because you're collecting interest on all of the cards and not just one. Setting company credit limit ensures that you don't get stuck with high interest costs if your employee usage reaches a certain amount.

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