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3 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Mastercard Pay | mastercard pay

Mastercard Pay for Members program terms state below are a legally binding contract between you and [], with regards to your online use and download of the Mastercard Pay for Members' program (the “Program”). In addition to the terms and conditions outlined below, you hereby release [], including all companies and affiliated websites that may be affiliated with this Program from any and all liability, claims, and losses (if any) resulting or arising directly or indirectly from your acceptance of any offers relating to the Program. You further agree not to make any unsubstantiated statements regarding the Program and/or about any aspect of the Program to any person or other entity, whether in writing or orally, and that you will not present or provide any false or misleading information about the Program to anyone else.

If you accept the terms and conditions of this Program, you must be aware that you will only receive credit and/or reward points (“rewards”) when you make eligible purchases using your Mastercard Pay for Members card. The term “eligible purchase” refers to any purchase (e.g., food, gasoline, etc.) made at a participating retailer during the period beginning on the day that starts thirty days after the date that this contract begins, and ending thirty days following the end of each calendar month during the member's membership term. Examples of eligible purchases include gasoline purchases at your local station, groceries purchased at select grocery store or select nationwide grocery chain, and dining expenses paid for at a participating restaurant. These purchases are subject to the availability of a card, which may be valid for a period determined by the issuer.

The actual rewards programs provided by the issuer (“Sponsor”), may differ from those offered through the Mastercard pay for members program. The actual rewards offered may be travel points (” Marriott Rewards” or” Hilton Rewards”) or the cash equivalent (” Costco Rewards” or” Hertz Rewards”). Rewards may be earned in a number of ways including: participating in the program by carrying an existing balance, enrolling in a monthly membership, or by making purchases at select participating retailers, among others. Rewards are earned both when purchases are made and when points are collected. If an individual already has a Hilton, Marriott, or Costco rewards card, the corresponding card may be used to earn points toward purchases at participating restaurants.

The ability to earn rewards using the Mastercard pay for members' program is facilitated by the ability to use the program on an internet-connected device such as a smartphone. When a consumer chooses to do so, he/she will be presented with an array of merchants offering their respective products. Merchants may also offer incentives to encourage consumers to use their internet enabled smartphones to make rewards purchases. For example, Starbucks uses mobile payment processing technology called mobile wallet to provide mobile payments to its customers. Starbucks' mobile app collects the information of purchases completed by its customers.

Your dealings with the business are solely responsible for any penalties or liabilities arising from your conduct of business. Furthermore, you agree that you will not circulate any third party advertisements that encourage consumers to perform unauthorized transactions or to click on links that redirect to outside sites. You agree not to utilize any automatic teller machine (ATM) for transactions involving monetary transactions and/or purchase of items or services. If you have entered into any program provided by Mastercard and/or prepaid card providers and/or brokers that requires you to pre-authorize automatic transactions, you will need to specifically indicate your intent to do so in writing.

Any charges incurred by you or your authorized agent while using the ATM to complete a transaction may be retained by Mastercard and/or the participating vendors or retailers. You will be charged the applicable surcharge or tax when using an ATM for withdrawal of cash or non-cash items, including purchases of gift cards. You will be charged the applicable surcharge or tax when using an ATM to make purchases of gift cards, including purchases of gas and other utilities. In addition, you will be charged the applicable surcharge or tax when accessing online services, including but not limited to online shopping or the internet access software installed on certain computers.

To further facilitate the provision of its services, Mastercard Payment Card System has implemented the facilities of fraud management and fraud protection. According to this policy, you shall immediately contact the appropriate authorities if it is informed that it is a victim of fraud or if it is informed that any unauthorized transaction occurred as a result of theft or fraud. In addition, the card issuer will investigate the matter and, in the event it is verified that fraud was committed, the suspect will be prosecuted. The card issuer also reserves the right to suspend your account for up to sixty days if it is in suspicion of fraud. It is also required to notify the relevant authorities in writing of any changes made to your account.

If you are not happy with the provisions of the contract, you are entitled to end the relationship by either returning the EFT and the PIN issued for the same or by contacting the card issuer and agreeing on different terms and conditions. The standard terms and conditions of the EFT agreement do not include the obligation whatsoever to pay for goods and services you have purchased using the EFT. Therefore, you are not obligated to pay for goods and services you have not even availed of. However, to comply with the provisions of the EFT agreement, you are obliged to pay for goods and services you have availed of.


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