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4 Reasons Why People Like Apple Stock Yahoo | apple stock yahoo

Apple Stock Yahoo is a popular investment vehicle for people who want to earn money online. It has the highest market cap of all of the major stock exchanges and is widely known as the Internet's best kept secret. Many of the largest companies in the world use Yahoo to advertise their products and services. Investors flock to Yahoo's stock because they believe that the company will be able to sustain its growth. The only things that are certain about this web based stock is that it can fluctuate in price every day. Since there is no physical store, distribution centers, or office buildings, the company must compensate for these issues on a daily basis.

Because of this, Yahoo has a lower valuation than other stocks on the stock market. It does not have the same growth potential as companies like Microsoft or Cisco. However, investors are still excited about this stock because it is still fairly cheap. The reason that the value is so low is because there is a large amount of debt attached to the business. Up until recently, Yahoo was in a deal with Microsoft that valued the web portal at approximately seventy cents per share.

Recently the value of Yahoo Stock has dropped off because of the poor finances of the company. Many analysts have predicted that the value of the stock will continue to drop. This drastic turn of events has caused many investors to sell their shares of Yahoo Stock. Although selling is not always a bad thing, most investors feel that the low valuation is too much for Yahoo to handle.

There are two different ways that an investor can purchase Yahoo Stock. The first way is through a broker and the second way is through an exchange such as Nasdaq. Investors who are purchasing through a broker will need to pay a commission. When purchasing through an exchange however, the buyer does not pay any commission thus, lowering the total cost.

Apple Stock Yahoo is a great buy for long term investors, because it has a lot of long term value associated with it. In the beginning, the stock had a tremendous valuation but has lost a lot of its value since. It now sits on the second biggest level of the stock market with Microsoft, which is worth billions of dollars more. As with Microsoft, the long term growth potential of the internet company is very good.

However, the short term value of the stock is very poor. Yahoo's revenues are stagnant, even dropping the last quarter, which hurt the stock's value. Its gross profit margin is tied very poorly to the performance of its customers. Consumers, especially the PC savvy generation, are turning away from Yahoo because of poor customer service and poor search engine rankings.

Another problem with Yahoo is the slow growth potential. Though it is the largest search engine, it lagged behind Google when it came to growth last quarter. Apple hopes to reverse this trend and become a top search engine. Right now, the stock is valued about forty percent below its book value. This means that investors must be prepared to lose a big chunk of money if the company does not turn things around quickly. The fact that the management has already taken a hit on the front end by making a series of bad moves is only further exacerbating the negative sentiment about Yahoo.

Currently, I have my doubts about Yahoo's ability to rebound well. The question is whether investors really care about the long term value of the company. If the answer is no, then the stock is probably headed for a big drop. Only time will tell.

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