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4 Unexpected Ways American Eagle Credit Card Can Make Your Life Better | american eagle credit card

You want a credit card with the American Eagle logo, right? Well, you have two options: either the regular Visa or the exclusive American Eagle credit card. If you have bad or no credit then you will have to go with the regular Visa. But it gets even better. If you have excellent or good credit you can get an American Eagle Credit Card!

You earn points and bonuses when you use the American eagle credit card to make purchases. You earn points for every dollar you spend and you earn bonus points that can be traded in for cash. You will also earn frequent flyer miles. Now these miles can be used anywhere that accepts American Airlines.

American Express offers the regular Visa and the exclusive American Eagle Credit Card. To earn the American Eagle Rewards you need good to excellent credit. There are no annual fees associated with this credit card. With the annual fee you only pay one time and that is a big plus because there is no annual fee associated with the rewards program of the American Express Blue Cross.

They also offer the Blue Cross Gold Card which has an annual fee but it has no annual fee attached to the American Express Blue Cross. It gives you cash back on all of your purchases plus you will receive a free membership to the Gold Star Families of America. This program is also great if you travel a lot since you will earn additional air miles. The Gold Star program is geared towards frequent flyers. That's another great plus.

The American Express Visa is accepted at all of the same locations as the American Express Green Card. There is also no foreign transaction fees when using the Visa card for purchases. These cards are honored everywhere in the world where American Express operates. You can use them anywhere Visa is honored including places like China, Japan, and many other international cities. There are a lot more foreign cities that you can use these cards for when shopping.

These cards are issued by American Express and you have the option of getting one with a one, two, or three-year renewable term. You can get a credit card with a one year renewable term for a low cost. But if you would like to receive rewards with a two, three, or four year terms then it costs an extra annual fee. With the Visa you also have the option to have an emergency savings account. This helps you with the foreign transaction fees as well as having an emergency savings account.

When you sign up for the American Express credit card, you will also be given a gift card that you can use just like a regular credit card. When you shop at an American Express store you will receive one gift card for free per purchase you make while you are a member. You can earn additional reward points through American Express online shopping and by using your gift card on your American Express purchase you can earn up to two percent more in reward points.

American Express is known for their customer service and it does not take long to see that they put their customer first in everything they do. There are lots of perks to being an American Express Gold Card holder. These cards come with no annual fee, so you do not pay out of pocket for all those years you spend building your credit score. The bonus that comes along with American Express is that you have the ability to earn up to two thousand points each year just by using your card, which is more than most cards come with.

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