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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Sears Card | sears card

If you are looking for a credit card with rewards that go beyond the usual rewards that many other cards offer, you might want to check out the new Shop Your Way card from Sears. It is a special credit card that provides additional benefits. This means, additional rewards beyond the rewards provided by other credit cards. Some of these rewards may be:

Shop Your Way Rewards. The most basic level of the Shop Your Way Credit Card comes as a Sears Credit Card, which consumers can use at Sears, Kmart, or any other participating store. Sears also offers the Sears “shop your way” MasterCard, which consumers can use at any place that accepts MasterCard. Consumers have three (3) years to take advantage of the Shop Your Way Rewards. After that time period, however, the points expire and the card becomes a regular MasterCard.

The benefits of being a part of the Shop Your Way program are similar to those offered by other credit cardholders. However, it only requires that cardholders use their card everywhere MasterCard is Accepted. This is unlike some of the other cards that require cardholders to take out an additional card and load it with money toward a reward. With the Shop Your Way program, cardholders will earn the same cash back, bonus points, and membership discounts whether they choose to be a part of the program or not.

Bonus Points. Cards that have the Shop Your Way rewards program are rewarded with points called “bargains.” These points can be used at any participating store for purchasing merchandise, services, and other products. They also have no expiration date. When these points are redeemed, they earn the cardholder extra rewards. At the end of a twelve month period, these points expire and need to be renewed before they can earn anymore.

Bonuses. Like other credit cards, Sears cardholders can earn points toward their bills every month by simply spending a certain dollar amount on their account. For example, by purchasing $100 worth of gas during the first thirty days of being a cardholder, cardholders could earn up to five percent on their monthly purchases.

Home Services. Another way that Shop Your Way Rewards cards can benefit cardholders is by giving them discounts on their home services such as landscaping, house cleaning, and home improvement services. At home services, cardholders earn varying discounts based on their order volume. These discounts may vary between cardholders depending on the store that they purchase the services through. Cardholders who make a large number of their home improvement purchases during the month will earn more points and therefore, receive larger discounts.

Balance Transfers. During the promotional period, cardholders can transfer any balances they have on other cards into their own Sars card. This offers significant savings to those who make a lot of purchases using their card. In fact, cardholders must pay an option fee and a service charge for each transfer. Cardholders may also be able to receive a significant cash rebate when they use their card to make purchases during the promotional period.

redeemable points. Cards that offer rewards points for purchases are called “reward cards.” The point values vary from company to company, but cardholders may earn anywhere from three to five points per dollar that they charge. Cardholders can redeem these points toward any of a variety of items, including groceries, gas, toiletries, home improvement products, department store brands, and more.

Bonus points back. If you use your Sars card at one of the participating grocery stores or gas stations during the promo period, you will earn bonus points. These points back cannot be used on balance transfers, however; you must have a balance in your account to receive this bonus. The bonus points are given back to you in the form of a discount on the total price of your merchandise. Bonus points are different than cash rebates.

Rewards expiration. All credit cards have a time limit on the amount of points that can be earned and used for rewards. You will receive your points for your purchases, but once those points are gone, they are gone for good. This is the only way that Sars makes you feel better about their product-not by informing you of your options, but by reminding you that your card might expire soon and giving you reasons to apply for a new credit card with a better APR.

Eligible purchases. If you use your Sars card for all your shopping purchases, you will be eligible for a 40 statement credit from American Express. To be eligible for this bonus, you must make eligible purchases at participating retailers during the promo period. Shoppers with Sars qualify for bonus points bonus as well. Both the EFT and Sars promo cardholders have a lower APR than their other competitors.

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