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How To Have A Fantastic Belk Credit Card With Minimal Spending | belk credit card

Belk Credit Card: A Great Rewards Program For High Spenders The Belk credit card from American Express is an excellent credit card for people who like to shop. It offers high rewards on purchases and offers low interest rates. This card can be used at any of the more than 300 Belk outlets located all over America. There are even more than three hundred Belk branches worldwide.

Rewards. There are several ways to earn rewards with this credit card. You can earn reward dollars by using your card for everyday household purchases including groceries, toiletries, books, laundry, detergent, dishes, and more. You can earn reward cents by participating in the Belk rewards program. You can also cash in your points for airline tickets, hotel stays, cruises, and rentals.

Spending Habits. The Belk credit card offers an incentives program called B&M Rewards, which gives you and your family several ways to earn credits and rewards. You can choose from earning credit card points with Belk Rewards or earning airline miles. Both options earn you reward dollars that add up to bonus and/or interest charges. If your spending habits change, it might be time to talk to your Belk agent about changing your spending habits so that you can enjoy the benefits of your Belk credit card and earn the maximum benefits.

How to Use. To use your credit card the most effectively, you should plan to make purchases within the cash incentive period. This means you should plan to pay for your purchases with your Belk credit card as soon as you learn about the purchase. Otherwise, your planned purchases will not be covered, which means you will only earn points or no reward dollars for these purchases.

What Are the Perks? The perks on the Belk Rewards card include: five percent off select merchandise, five percent off select gas purchases, up to one percent back on entertainment and dining plans, free shipping when you spend over a certain amount, and a free gift upon your birthday. These savings are automatically added to your account each month. So, if you don't charge much, you will likely qualify for a bigger discounts. Otherwise, you might not be able to get the benefits you want.

How to Earn More Perks. You can earn more perks by making regular purchases at Belk stores, which typically have a five percent or higher interest rate than the average credit card company. Some of the regular purchases you make include: laundry soap, beauty products, dry cleaning, apparel, toys, home items, groceries, prescriptions, books, personal care items, and department store cards and checks. If you make at least three of these purchases a month, you can expect to earn a maximum of two percent back from your purchases. If you have other credit cards with balances on them, you can transfer the points you earn to Belk rewards to maximize your savings.

What's Not to Love? There is always one thing that disappoints about belk rewards credit cards. While the interest rate is low compared to other major credit cards, they don't offer any grace periods during which you can pay down your balance. You also may find that it is difficult to transfer your balance between credit cards once you have earned the rewards.

Is the Belk Credit Card For Me? If you are a responsible card holder with a few purchases each month, the best rewards program might be just the right fit for you. It offers high incentives and low interest rates, making it an affordable option for many Americans. With so many perks, it is easy to understand how to make a credit card payment with ease.

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