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I Will Tell You The Truth About American Express Platinum In The Next 4 Seconds | american express platinum

The Platinum Card from American Express is an excellent credit card for the frequent traveler because it offers the maximum benefits at the lowest cost. In addition, its high flight and hotel rewards ratio, ongoing special offers and comprehensive travel access can save you a bundle on many exclusive travel opportunities, although at a higher premium than other cards. You can take advantage of the Platinum Card's low interest rate and no annual fee to get you started and then earn a higher APR by paying your balance off each month. But once you've paid off your balance, you'll need to pay off your balance as quickly as possible in order to keep the APR low.

What are some of the luxury benefits offered on the American Express Platinum Card? First, it's cash back for all purchases up to $1000! For traveling expenses, it offers cash back on business and travel tickets, but not on leisure travel expenses. With such generous credit cardholder perks, isn't it just about time to earn some rewards? And with Platinum Card memberships running out soon, this would be a great opportunity to buy yourself an extended Platinum Card for the rest of your life.

The Rewards program on the Platinum Card is generous, too. If you use the card to make purchases and pay your bill early, you receive a ten point per dollar rebate on eligible purchases. These rebates aren't just good looks; they can help you save hundreds of dollars in just the first year. The additional ten point per dollar will definitely pay off over time.

There's more rewards waiting for you. American Express Platinum Card holders may also earn member bonus points and bonus miles when members do certain things. They can earn up to three percent points at hotels when spend at least a certain amount. They earn one percent points at auto dealers for making purchases, and another one percent for dining. Plus, they earn four percent points for cash advances and balance transfers at restaurants. And, yes, they earn one percent for all travel purchases.

The American Express Platinum Card has a lot of perks and benefits, but like any other credit cards, it does have some drawbacks as well. First, it has a high interest rate. The higher the annual fee, the higher the interest rate. However, if you pay your bills on time and use the points to pay down the balance, the interest rate will not matter as much.

Another drawback of the American Express Platinum Card is that they don't offer many rewards. They do, however, have airline miles programs, which can be useful, but you need those airline miles to actually use them. The platinum card has an intro bonus of ten thousand miles after you make your first purchase, but you must pay a yearly fee for the program. Plus, the rewards are very limited.

When compared to the Delta Sky Club, which has no annual fee and allows you to earn a one percent rebate off your purchases and a five percent rebate off dining, hotels, and cars, it comes out looking a little bit weaker in the long run. The Delta Sky Club also offers frequent flyer miles, which can be useful. But the American Express cardholders, while having the ability to earn a five percent cashback bonus on dining and cars, have to pay an extra one cent fee for Delta's air miles program. So, if you fly quite a bit with your American Express card, then the Delta Sky Club may be a better deal for you.

Overall, the American Express Platinum Card comes with everything you would expect from an American Express card. It has the perks that you would expect as well as the rewards that Delta and the other cards offer. It's just a matter of deciding whether or not you're going to use them. If you travel a lot, the Delta Sky Club or the Centurion Lounge may be a better choice, but the American Express Platinum Card is a good place to start out with.

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