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Is Citibank Rewards Any Good? 4 Ways You Can Be Certain | citibank rewards

What exactly is Citibank Rewards? It is an account program offered to selected consumers who open a credit card account with Citibank. In order to qualify for this program, the applicant must have an active checking or savings account with Citibank. Furthermore, the applicant must also meet the income guidelines specified by Citibank. After a series of interviews, Citibank rewards credit card applicants will be issued their cards and will have to use them for purchases.

Citibank Rewards is offered primarily to senior citizens. They come in the form of cash back and air miles rewards. Other incentives such as trips and tours are also offered. The earning of points or cash rewards depends on the amount of purchases made using the credit cards.

Citibank rewards cards are available for both good and bad credit borrowers. Good credit borrowers who need money to pay for emergencies can redeem points for every dollar of credit used. Bad credit borrowers who need money urgently for personal expenses can also use the rewards cards. Citibank rewards cards are available online. By simply filling up an application form, you will receive your statement and other relevant information.

Every Citibank Rewards card holder is entitled to one point for every dollar of authorized credit use. There is no annual fee attached to the Citibank Rewards. However, to avail the benefits of the Citibank Rewards, you need to have a decent credit limit. You must not be in the danger of being declined because of low credit limits. If you have been declared bankrupt in the recent past, you can still use the Citibank credit limit.

Citibank credit card rewards have a special redemption rate. The rate offered is different for different credit card users. Citibank reward points are earned only after users buy merchandise or services from the bank's US retail outlets. There is a cut-off date for the redemption rate. For this reason, it is imperative that you know the date of your reward expiration so as to make sure you redeem your points before their time expires.

Citibank reward cards have additional benefits besides cash back and bonus reward points. Some of the additional benefits include discounts on the following: car repairs, household appliances, pet care, boat and yachting, dining, airline tickets, cruises, hotels, bikes and even money. To take advantage of the additional benefits offered by the Citibank Rewards, you need to know the email address of the primary card holder. In addition to this, you must also give your personal phone number so that your call is not recorded in your account.

The Citibank rewards credit card allows its users to choose from two plans. One plan provides two reward points per year and the other one provides unlimited reward points. You can choose the one that suits your needs best. Before you decide on the plan, you should compare the annual fees, APR, interest rates and other charges associated with the two plans. Moreover, there are certain eligibility requirements such as being a US citizen, possessing a fixed income and owning a home.

Citibank rewards credit card users have the option of earning miles towards free flights to Citi-Bundy or free night hotel stays at the hotels that are serviced by the Citibank branch. You can also earn points towards paying off your balance or getting an additional year to refund your old credit limit. As a reminder, the last reward point that you earn should be transferred to the account so as to facilitate instant access to your credit limit. You must read the terms and conditions regarding this offer before you confirm your subscription.

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