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Seven Ugly Truth About Amex Credit Card | amex credit card

For many years, the Amex credit card has been one of the most preferred charge cards around. If you have an Amex credit card and use it wisely, then you can expect to receive rewards points and cash back from the credit card issuer. You can use your credit card to make any type of purchases you like, whether it is just gas or a rental car. The only requirement to enjoy all the perks of owning an Amex credit card is that you make your payments on time and not spend more than you can afford to pay off each month.

When searching for the right credit card offers, be sure to check all the different terms and conditions. Each credit card offer can differ in price and benefits, so it's important to compare all the different offers before deciding which one will work best for you. The following are some of the main factors you should consider when checking out Amex card offers:

American Express credit card: The main reason why people choose American Express as their card of choice is because they offer frequent flyer miles. The other reason is because of their low annual fee. To qualify for a good deal with American Express, you will need to have a decent credit score. Many people prefer this offer over other cards because their monthly payment will be lower. Also, you don't have to pay an annual fee.

Amex cards for those who prequalify for a no annual fee offer are: Platinum Charge card, Gold Card, Diamond Charge card, Heartland Charge card and the Universal Charge card. In order to qualify for the above mentioned cards, you must have an amex credit score of at least 625. After you have established a good credit score, you will be given an opportunity to apply for the cards offered by American Express. Many people find the no annual fee, low annual percentage rate or zero percent introductory offers from American Express to be irresistible. To get the best deals on American Express credit cards, you have to follow these tips:

Shop around before deciding which card to apply for. The offers presented to you may seem too good to be true. This is true sometimes. So, it is important that you do your homework by comparing different credit cards to find the best deal. You can visit AMEX's website to get details about all the available American Express credit cards.

Once you've decided what American Express credit card to apply for, it is important that you know how to get a no-fee, low APR introductory offer. It is possible that you will find a prequalifying offer from American Express, which has a low introductory offer. The thing you need to remember is to read the terms and conditions carefully. If the promotion is only for a limited time period, you might want to think twice about it. Prequalifying for any American Express cards, including prequalifying for a platinum card, should be done prior to completing the application. Otherwise, you risk being charged an excessive fee.

There are several fees associated with American Express charge cards. Some of these include an annual membership fee, transaction fee, purchase APR, and cash advance fee. Make sure to read the terms of your account so you know exactly what charges you will be responsible for. Most people are shocked to find out the amount of money they wind up paying for their regular purchases.

Another way to save money when using AMEX credit cards is to shop at grocery stores where the retailers offer both major brands and local or small retailers. For example, Walmart and Sam's Club both offer free grocery gifts with purchases. AMEX cards can be used at many of the same retail establishments where a charge card can be used. When shopping at grocery stores, make sure you pay in full at the time of purchase. Many major brands offer membership cards that offer bonuses when spending a certain amount over a specific period of time. For example, the Blue Cash Everyday card offers 2% back from many of Walmart's products as well as other restaurants and companies.

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