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The Real Reason Behind Gold Visa | gold visa

Are you looking for the best credit card offer in the world? If you are new to the credit card market, or even if you have been in it a while, you would probably wonder where the good offers are. If you do enough research on credit card offers, you will find that there are many offers available. However, it can be difficult to know which one to take.

The Gold Visa card from Penfed is probably one of the most attractive offers available on the market. The Gold Card from Penfed has all of the benefits of a normal credit card, but with an additional golden benefit: a free plane ticket if you use the card to make your one purchase online. The Penfed Gold Visa card's main features are its cash back bonuses of up to fifty-five percent, and its introductory APR of zero percent for twelve months on balance transfers. Neither feature is completely free, though.

The low APR offered by the Gold Card from Penfed attracts people who want to pay their balances off quickly. It starts after the introductory period is ended, and charges both interest and regular monthly fees. It has an annual fee of only three percent, and no annual percentage rate (APR) because it has no grace period. But it has zero percent balance transfers, which makes it attractive to cardholders who don't like to transfer their balance from high interest cards to low interest ones. It also offers a twenty-day grace period before you begin charges.

If you travel regularly, then you may consider the Gold Card from Penfed. Even if you do not travel that often, you can use the credit cards to help you save on foreign transaction fee and annual fees incurred by using your domestic credit cards. In fact, many international travelers prefer the zero liability international card offered by Gold Visa over other types of credit cards because they don't have to worry about paying any extra fee for foreign transactions. For example, they do not pay the additional foreign transaction fee when shopping online or abroad.

One of the reasons that the penfed gold visa card from Penfed attracts so many cardholders is its zero liability policy. People who hold Gold Visa Credit Cards are not required to pay any cash advance fees if they fail to meet their credit card payment obligations. This makes the Gold Visa Card from Penfed an excellent choice for people who frequently travel outside the United Kingdom. They will enjoy zero liability for foreign transactions. Even if you lose money while making a purchase overseas, you will not be liable for any cash advance fees charged by the bank where you made your purchase.

If you are thinking about applying for a Gold Visa Card from Penfed, you should also know that this particular bank charges an exceptionally high interest rate. Their annual percentage rates can increase up to twenty percent above the market average. Some cardholders even find themselves being subjected to penalty APR after their introductory period is closed. These penalty APR may prove to be a disadvantage once their interest rate increase becomes apparent.

However, there are also some distinct advantages associated with Gold Visa Card from Penfed. One of the best advantages is its ability to offer cardholders with cashback rebates whenever they make purchases using their Gold Visa Card. The rebates depend on the issuer of the Gold Visa Card. It is also worth mentioning that Gold Card users can enjoy five different reward categories. Among them, the best-selling reward is the annual fee rebate.

When you use your Gold Visa Card to make purchases, you will get a certain percentage share of the amount charged to your card as a cash rebate. You will get more cash rebate the more you make purchases using your Gold Visa Card. Another major advantage is that you can earn cash back when you are an exclusive member of certain Platinum partner insurers like American Express, Discover Card, Chase Freedom and Citibank. Lastly, you can enjoy several added benefits such as receiving free plane tickets, gift certificates, dining discounts, rental cars, and much more when you use Gold Cards for your purchases.

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