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What You Should Wear To Akimbo Prepaid Mastercard | akimbo prepaid mastercard

The Akimbo prepaid Mastercard was not a long time in the making. In fact it was only within the past few months that Akimbo actually launched their debit cards and started offering them on a mainstream basis. With this launch came many new partners, such as Payoneer, NETeller and CitiBank. What makes Akimbo so unique is that they are a company who has the foresight to offer consumers with a prepaid card which can be used just like a regular Visa or MasterCard, but then they have added the extra power of having a worldwide network of banks. Here is how Akimbo went about this.

Akimbo's prepaid Mastercard system is set up exactly the same way that any other site with an internet bank account works. You would log onto your website, create a free account, add your credit card information and any other pertinent information, such as your social security number and any billing addresses. Once this is all ready to go, you would select how you wish to transfer money from your bank account. When the system recognizes that you have selected the “Transfer Money” option, it will ask if you'd like to establish a virtual card account via email.

This is where the similarities between the Akimbo prepaid cards and those offered by other companies end. Unlike other sites offering these types of cards, Akimbo uses its own payment processor called PCI-DSS. This means that all of your credit card information is encrypted while it is being sent over the internet. Your monthly fee is also encrypted and sent through the internet as well. Once your fees are established and processed, any that you make online can be sent to any of your assigned bank contacts.

So what does this mean to consumers? It means that any of the money you spend from your Akimbo prepaid Mastercard can be easily converted to cash using one of your assigned ATM machines. Withdrawal from an ATM is quick and convenient. You will never need to worry about over the limit charges or late fees because your monthly fee will take care of them.

This brings us to one of the unique features that you cannot find anywhere else. Some companies charge consumers' high fees for ATM usage, but Akimbo prepaid debit card users enjoy unlimited online access. Simply put, you don't need an external ATM machine to withdraw your cash. You simply load your card, select how much money you want to withdraw and then plug it into an available machine. You are done! If you don't like ATM fees, there is nothing stopping you from using your debit card for everyday spending.

Akimbo prepaid cards can be used everywhere debit cards are accepted. There are many participating merchants online including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club, CVS and more. When you use your card, you will never have to worry about where you are going to spend your money. Banks are now competing with one another for your business. With the economy in turmoil and people tightening their belts, banks are now offering better deals and incentives for consumers who choose to use atms instead of traditional banking. Akimbo prepaid cards are a great example of a company standing up for its customers.

Akimbo prepaid Mastercard users also have additional benefits to choosing this company. First, you can choose between two, four or eight month contract with the company. During your contract period, you will only pay the monthly fee for whichever payment option you select. During the off-season, you can cancel your contract and not have to pay the fees again. Finally, if you decide you don't like the services of Akimbo, you are only charged a one-time transaction fee for using your card.

Each month, you receive an email containing a link that you can click on to send a check in the U.S. No matter where you are in the world, your prepaid cards can be used at ATM's around the globe. Once you link them up at an ATM, just make sure you have the correct amount (you can find this information on the back of your card) and use them at the ATM for withdrawal. If you want to use your card overseas, you will have to convert your balance into dollars or another currency. However, once you have received your money, you will never have to pay any extra charges or ATM fees ever again.

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