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What’s So Trendy About Discover It That Everyone Went Crazy Over It? | discover it

Discover it is a very successful credit card brand issued mainly in the United States, Canada and the UK. It was launched by Sears in 1985 with a credit limit of $1000. When launched, Discover didn't charge an annual fee as well as providing a higher-than-usual credit limit and new disruptive features to the credit card market. With so many consumers choosing this particular brand name, Discover has made an excellent share gains in recent years.

A big part of Discover it's financial attractiveness is the fact that you don't need to have a ton of money in order to get approved. With no annual fee you get excellent perks including cash back, reward programs, and air miles to name a few. You will also find low interest rates that are extremely favorable. There isn't any annual fee associated with the Discover it credit cards. The rewards, the lower interest rates, and the zero percent APR for the introductory period make them one of the most desirable credit products.

The Rewards: Cash back rewards are excellent. If you use a Discover it credit product for at least some of your purchases you can earn up to 2 percent cash back. You can literally receive cash back from virtually every purchase you make including gas, groceries, and even when shopping at the mall. This can bring you a significant cash-back reward.

Travel rewards are very attractive and can easily bring back many of the cash back benefits you experienced in the first year of owning your card. One great perk is the airline miles program. This rewards card allows you to earn up to five thousand airline miles for every purchase you make. This is great especially if you fly often because you can earn large chunks of miles towards free tickets and even discounted airfare. Even when using your card in the gas stations, restaurants, or drugstores this card has one of the best reward programs around.

The 0 Annual Fee: Many credit cards charge a yearly fee but few have no annual fee at all. When you discover credit cards like the Discover it you never have to pay a penny to be a part of their club. They provide an account statement that includes every single purchase you make. You can then use these statements to determine where you need to make changes in your spending and how you can start saving money. No annual fee means lots of savings, which makes the Discover it credit card one of the best values around.

The 0% APR: It is common knowledge that when you discover credit cards like the Discover it you will be saving money over the long haul. There are many different ways to save money. In order to maximize your rewards take advantage of everything you can to help you save. Every purchase you make will earn you points and once you have enough points you can use them towards an anniversary present for your loved ones or a vacation. Some cards offer an incentive for cash back but there are others that give you air miles instead which can be used towards an airline ticket or to help towards a car rental.

The Cashback Rewards: One of the biggest incentives that the Discover it offers is the cashback rewards. Every purchase you make will earn you cash, which is added to your account. You can then use this cash towards any purchase you need to make. Some of the other advantages include having a special rate for cash backs on your balance transfer and on your gas rebates. This means you can have cash on hand to take advantage of these perks when they are available.

Bonus Cash Back: another great thing about the Discover it cardholders are given a bonus when they first acquire their card. This bonus cash back is much more than the regular APR. It includes cash back on gas stations, groceries, clothing, home improvement, airline tickets, car rentals and even on dining. This means that every dollar you spend using your card will earn you a little extra money back. This really helps those cardholders who are looking to save on a variety of expenses.

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