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Why Vanilla Visa Had Been So Popular Till Now? | vanilla visa

Vanilla Visa Gift cards are easy to carry and more accommodating than single vendor gift cards. Vanilla Visa Gift cards can be used at all places where Visa credit is accepted, including the fifty (50) United States, D.C. and its territories. Vanilla Visa cards are also accepted in over one hundred (100) countries world wide. These cards are issued by the Vanilla Visa, Inc.

Some fees apply to Vanilla Visa cards. The annual fee applies to new users and the balance transfer fee applies to any change in balance. An additional charge may be assessed if the Vanilla Visa card is used to make purchases overseas.

Vanilla Visa gift card holders may be issued one (1) credit card and a thousand (1000) loyalty points. Each loyalty point corresponds to one percent of the purchase price in combination with the regular Visa or MasterCard charge. Each twenty (20) membership points is equivalent to one dollar. The rate for earning and using the loyalty points depends on the type of Vanilla Visa gift card. The following are the rates for Vanilla Visa gift cards:

There are certain terms and conditions that apply to use of the Vanilla Visa cards. One must read the terms and conditions carefully before purchase. For any clarification, it is advised to contact customer service.

Some online retailers offer different types of Vanilla Visa gift cards depending on the type of Visa or MasterCard used. A standard Vanilla Visa gift card comes without an annual fee. The one vanilla Visa card is good for purchases up to one thousand dollars, which is inclusive of taxes. Certain conditions apply such as the cardholder agreement, fee structure, expiration date, and terms and conditions.

If you choose to get a higher limit Visa or MasterCard with the Vanilla Visa card online, it may have an annual fee. Some cards do not have any annual fees but have higher spending limits. Before you buy the Vanilla Visa gift cards online, be sure to compare rates and fees. Compare as many sites as possible to see what is available. See if there are any better deals elsewhere.

Certain restrictions apply to the use of Vanilla Visa gift cards which include: not being able to make purchases over specific times of the day, restrictions on ATM usage, and restrictions on ATM withdraw privilege. It is also important to be aware of expiration dates. An expiring Visa or MasterCard gift card may lose its value within a specified period of time. The amount of money remaining on the card will be decreased each day after the expiration date. Before spending money, check to see if you still have the available balance on your Vanilla Visa gift card.

Each year, the Vanilla Visa cards can be changed by contacting the company. You can also call them toll free to change your number if you would rather not receive a mail in a box for the change. When you enter your new address or zip code, your old Visa or MasterCard balance will be updated to reflect the new address or zip code. You will be required to complete some paperwork and cannot activate the Vanilla Visa gift card unless you agree to the terms and conditions.

Certain items are exempt from this type of purchase. Foods purchased with your Vanilla Visa debit cards may only be used for purchases within the fifty state or Washington DC areas only. Certain types of gasoline are only offered in the United States. Also, certain types of alcohol are only sold in the United States and some alcoholic beverages may carry a higher premium rate than others.

Certain types of entertainments are only available in the United States. There are many places that have restrictions on what can and cannot be brought into the US territory by air. Certain shows and performances, as well as certain movies, may require a visa debit card to be obtained. Some hotels and restaurants will not allow you access to the gift shop inside of their establishment if you do not have a Visa or MasterCard at hand. The Vanilla Visa cards are often honored in hotels and restaurants worldwide, but please check before making any purchases.

This information should help you better understand Vanilla Visa gift cards. Visa and MasterCard are trademarks of Visa Incorporated, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of MasterCard Inc. Vanilla Visa cards are also issued by American Express Travel Services, Inc. These cards are not insured nor guaranteed. There are no age restrictions or expiration dates associated with the Vanilla Visa gift card.

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