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3 Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Union Bank Visa Card | union bank visa card

Union Bank offers a nice money rewards credit card for their customers. The card boasts an impressive 1.5 percent cash back for purchases made at their participating retail stores. But, most customers are only interested in the cash bonus offered to new customers. When you apply for the Union Bank Visa Card online, you also qualify to receive $100 towards cash rebates from other major retailers.

Union Bank Visa Card is issued by BankFirst, a member of the American Bankruptcy Association (ABA). BankFirst's focus is on finding debt solutions for consumers, including debt settlement and debt consolidation. They work hard to ensure that you will be able to pay your dues with the least amount of hassle. The union bank visa card allows the user to make purchases using their debit or credit cards wherever applicable.

You can use the debit card to make purchases over the internet and can use your credit cards anywhere debit cards are accepted. You may choose to have an EFT set up, which is just an automatic deposit into your account each month. EFT is not currently offered in the union bank visa card. To learn more about union bank visa card benefits go to the union bank website.

There is a one time fee associated with the union bank rewards visa card. This fee is equal to one percent of the face value of your credit or debit card. For your convenience, you may pay this one time fee annually. If you find the annual fee to be too much or if you anticipate that you will not be using the card that often, consider paying the one time fee only once and then investing the rest of your fees in additional credit cards that you plan to use.

Another way to save money when traveling is to open a new account. You do not have to open a new bank account to receive the union bank Visa Card. You can simply open a debit card that has an unlimited amount of credit available. You can transfer funds from your savings account to your new account anytime, day or night. If you have a union bank account, you can even get cash back on every purchase!

The union bank Visa Card allows you to earn cash back whenever you make purchases at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, drugstores and other retail outlets. The cash back bonus offer has been named the Best Cash Back Credit Card in the World. For every dollar of eligible purchases you earn five percent cash back. The agreement you enter into with the card company may change the definition of eligible purchases. It is always best to check with the card company before making a decision about their Visa Card bonuses. Each union bank offers different deals, so it is best to choose one that matches your personal spending needs.

The Union bank Visa Card can be used globally. Because of this, it is helpful to people that travel frequently because they do not need to carry cash or traveler's checks. Mobile banking is also available with the union bank visa debit card and there are even plans to include mobile phone services with all Visa debit cards in the future.

Mobile banking is great for those who travel often but do not want to carry cash. The union bank visa card login and mobile banking features work similar to the banks' traditional credit card application process. Once you select your PIN, access your account and complete all the necessary transactions. Once your account is secure, you can then enjoy the cash back reward programs, mobile banking and other incentives.

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