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3 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Green Dot Prepaid Visa Experience | green dot prepaid visa

The Green Dot prepaid Visa cards give you the convenience of a debit card without all the commitment and debt. Instead of signing up for contracts which put your credit rating on the line, Green Dot prepaid Visa cards are purchased directly with money from your bank account. Plus, you never need to worry about excessive interest charges or fees because you load the card right onto your bank account…

You can use your Green Dot prepaid Visa cards to purchase items online, go out on an exotic vacation, and even make hotel reservations-you can do it all with complete privacy. You just tap into your bank account and use it to make purchases. In a nutshell, this is how online shopping and financial transactions work: via direct deposit. This is a much more secure process than traditional credit cards because it is protected from misuse through fraudulent chargebacks and loss.

One thing you can do to ensure your Green Dot prepaid visa card is protected is to add money to it via direct deposit. Once you've got a balance on your Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card, any purchases you make are deposited into your account. You don't need to hold any cash or checkbook accounts to add money to your Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card. When adding money to your Green Dot prepaid visa card, ensure you add funds to your account and pay the balance before the end of the billing cycle. Don't miss any of your payments.

There is one other minor fee that is attached to your Green Dot prepaid visa card. The company will charge you a $7.95 monthly fee if you were enrolled in the service during the past six months. Although they don't advertise it, this is a penalty for failing to pay your bill on time. It may seem like an extremely high price to pay, but being late on your bills is not something you should be embarrassed by. If you fail to pay your bill within the allotted time period, you will be charged the full amount.

The primary difference between Green Dot Prepaid Visa Cards and Green Dot MasterCard or VISA debit cards is the fact that they are secured with your bank account. Green Dot will not do any credit checks on you. In addition, the fees associated with Green Dot prepaid visa cards are very minimal compared to the fees associated with MasterCard or Visa. The Green Dot website states that their fees are intended to cover all expenses related to processing transactions and giving out identification cards. Therefore, they have not had to pass any credit check required for acceptance into the program.

Both Green Dot and MasterCard are accepted at over 1300 ATM's around the world. This is good news for the traveler since it means that they can purchase things they may not be able to buy locally. However, the fees associated with both types of cards are very different from one another. Green Dot has considerably lower fees for transactions made in Canada while MasterCard and Visa charge very high international fees for atm withdrawals.

When you apply for a green dot prepaid visa card online, there are numerous ways in which you can save money on your purchases. For example, when you purchase a gift for someone at their workplace, it would be more cost effective to purchase it from the company online then to drive to the retail store and pay cash. When you use your card to make purchases at restaurants, you are likely to pay higher costs because you will not be eligible for rewards, discounts or rebates. However, when you use your card to make purchases at retail stores you can usually save money by taking advantage of various offers including price matches, online coupons and cash back options.

It is important to note that there are some differences between green dot prepaid cards from other brands. Each company will have a different fee structure. Therefore, it is important to do your research to find the most reasonable fees based on your spending patterns. The information provided here should also allow you to compare the different offers on the market.

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