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3 Taboos About Gift Credit Card You Should Never Share On Twitter | gift credit card

Gift cards can be an all around life saver for people who are on a strict budget. With gift credit cards, an ordinary family member, friend or relative will be able to make purchases at a particular store the person has agreed to honor on the date. The buyer is then issued an unissued gift card with a pre-determined amount of cash loaded onto the card as an incentive to buy the present. This can really make it easier for people on a tight spending budget. But there are some pitfalls that may make gift cards a less than perfect financial decision.

Gift cards are a great way to let someone know you care. Unfortunately, this reason is not enough to overcome the fact that most gift credit cards carry terms and conditions that make them more difficult to use than a conventional credit card. In order to protect your interests and increase the likelihood of receiving your rewards, here are some tips on how to use your gift credit card wisely:

Restrict spending on your gift credit card only to what is applicable. Don't spend your reward on entertainment, food, alcohol or anything else that will simply end up going to the wrong hands. Most gift cards are offered up for a specific spending limit. It's best to stay within this limit to maximize your rewards.

Be careful about gifting someone a gift that they already have. It seems like such a simple concept, but many people fall for this mistake and lose out on a lot of value in their gift. If you are looking to give a gift of any kind, it's a good idea to look into the possibility of linking your gift credit cards to a debit card. This way, you won't need to worry about gifting someone a gift and they have already had the ability to pay for it with a debit card. This can prevent many potential spending splurges as well as any cash that you would have given to the person if you'd provided a debit card instead.

Avoid purchasing anything on your gift credit card unless you absolutely intend on paying for it down right then. Purchases on credit checks are not free, so expect to be charged a small fee if you make future purchases on your debit card. It may seem like an extra fee on top of the already steep interest rate, but it will eventually prove to be well worth it. It may take a while to build up a decent balance on your card, so it's better to avoid making purchases on credit checks until you're actually able to afford it. You'll be much happier in the long run if you don't build up too much debt with your gift cards.

Always remember to pay off your gift card balances as quickly as possible. If you can, pay them off entirely each month, even if this means taking a short nap during the week. Don't use your store card to make purchases online unless you absolutely have to. There are many retailers out there who will allow you to make purchases online using your gift credit card and no one will mind since you're just using it to pay for the gift. However, if you do happen to use your store card online to buy something and then the item isn't shipped to you in time for Christmas, you may find yourself holding onto the item or having to send it back to the company before Christmas even arrives.

Many people make purchases on their gift credit cards at retail stores during Black Friday. Since many consumers wait until after Thanksgiving to shop for gifts, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of Black Friday deals and make purchases on your gift cards. However, since most stores don't run special sales on gift cards on this day, you will likely have to wait until the end of Black Friday in order to get a good deal. It's not worth the wait.

Store cards aren't just for shopping either. You can also put your gift credit cards towards other things, such as travel (either domestic or international), hotel stays, dining, gas prices, and many other things. They can be used anywhere gift cards are accepted, and with the current trends towards saving money, there really is no reason not to!

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