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3 Top Risks Of Attending Chase Business Credit Card | chase business credit card

Every Chase business credit card offers rewards and cash back bonuses to business travelers, frequent flyers and other individuals who use their cards for everyday business expenses. What's most exciting about Chase business credit cards is that they come in a variety of different business card designs to suit the needs of every business. Here are some examples of different types of cards currently offered by Chase. All of these cards have significant benefits to businesses who use them.

Best Rewards for Cash Back: Ink Business Gold Card. Best for Ink Savings Club Members: Ink Business Silver Card & Ink Business Platinum Card. Best Rewards for Airline Tickets and Hotel Nights: Chase Freedomfly Card & Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Best Rewards for Balance Transfers: Chase Freedom card & Chase Freedom card.

If you need cash to buy groceries, run errands or pay utility bills, a cash back or rewards business card would be ideal for you. When applying for a Chase business credit cards you must first determine how much you can comfortably charge to your credit card account every month. You must then include all expenditures made in the past twelve months to determine if your new credit cards will be able to help you meet your business card requirements. Many business credit cards offer incentives when you make purchases with your card, but you need to remember that it can take up to six months for your credit card company to report your new purchases to the credit reporting bureaus.

Visa Signature. These types of business credit cards can only be used at select restaurants, select gas stations and select car dealers. This is because the Visa Signature is associated with more expensive Visa-based purchases such as airline tickets, rental cars and hotel stays. The advantage of using Visa Signature cards is that you don't have to maintain an outstanding balance in order to use the card. Also, you don't have to pay any foreign transaction fees or annual fees.

Southwest Rapid Rewards. The Southwest Rapid Rewards program provides consumers with benefits for every purchase made using their card. All purchases are made at select stores, gas stations and restaurants and earn points or bonus points for every dollar you spend. There is no annual fee associated with the Southwest Rapid Rewards business credit card.

Chase Premier Business Card. The Chase Premier Cards are available to any person who has a joint or primary ownership interest in a business and who has a specified period of time to qualify for the card. This is due to the fact that the business credit cards are designed to provide additional advantages to business owners with established partners. As a result, the approval rates for the Chase Premier Business Card are very high and generally suitable for small businesses.

Business Credit Cards. There are several types of business cards. An example of this is the Business Credit Cards from American Express. This company also offers frequent flyer miles to their members. The other type of business cards that are available to consumers are those provided by Discover and Advanta. These companies offer cash back and frequent flyer miles and can be approved through the regular application process or through a specially designed application form that is available online.

How can you ensure approval? If you are applying for a business credit card, you will need to complete and submit all the necessary application materials in a timely manner. These include but are not limited to your current personal credit report, any other trade lines (if you have them), and your most recent statement (if you have one). By completing and submitting these items, you will ensure that you meet the criteria of the company that you are applying to and that you will get your application approved. So make sure that you submit everything in order and that you do it correctly!

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