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3 Unconventional Knowledge About Platinum Visa That You Can’t Learn From Books | platinum visa

Platinum Visa is one of the most widely used cards globally. It's also one of the best for business people who have plans to open a business or even expand their existing one. The benefits of Platinum Visa include the following. First, it has become one of the most accepted forms of credit by many retailers, service providers, banks and other financial institutions.

Second, it provides its users with various perks such as no annual fee, zero transaction fees, and added benefits such as travel insurance, credit protection and loss prevention. Third, with Platinum Visa Card, you are not limited by geographical location. You can enjoy this card in Europe, South America, and even Asia and Pacific countries. Fourth, your spending can be completely tracked through monthly and yearly account summary reports. Lastly, it also gives its users the ability to make online purchases without using credit cards.

An application for the Platinum Visa Card requires you to answer basic questions about your personal and financial information. Among the questions that you need to answer are your personal and credit references, details about your company and the nature of your employment, banking/financial institution and your permanent address. After providing the needed information, you will receive an application form. On the application form, you will also be required to indicate your personal preferences (such as reward points or frequent flyer miles) and you can choose between a one or two year introductory term.

An important benefit of the Platinum Visa Card is that it gives its holder's access to various travel accident insurance services. The insurance offered by Platinum Visa Card is specific to travel accidents. You get one year coverage from the insurer for damage caused due to fire, flooding, earthquake, terrorism, theft and vehicle collision. Furthermore, you get travel accident insurance that covers you for medical, legal and disability expenses incurred during the period the policy is in force. If the policy has been duly delivered to you and signed by you, it is termed 'effective'.

One of the benefits of an introductory Platinum Visa Card is the zero per cent introductory rate on balance transfers. You can use this money to pay down your balance. However, if you have not paid any amount for a period of three months, you will receive a higher APR on the balance transfer. For example, if you have an outstanding balance of fourteen thousand dollars after twelve months, you will be charged an APR of eighteen percent. However, after twenty-four months, if you pay an additional twenty percent on the balance, you can easily get an effective APR of twenty percent or less.

Another benefit of Platinum Visa Card is that it gives its holders the privilege to enjoy special offers, including travel accident insurance. This special offer is valid for a period of one year. With this in place, you will be able to enjoy insurance cover in case of an accidental injury or even death. The travel accident insurance from your Platinum Visa Card, can help to save your family from the cost of funeral and other financial expenses. With this benefit, you will be able to shift your life back to normal without worrying about the huge financial outflow you might have incurred due to the funeral and other expenses.

One more advantage is that you are not charged an annual percentage rate (APR). This means that you will be enjoying low rates on your Platinum Visa Card. It means that this credit card can be a valuable asset in your hand, as it allows you to enjoy higher returns at lower interest rates. In addition to this, the low annual percentage rate can help you save a substantial amount of money on the yearly billing cycle. The below mentioned points clearly show the benefits of the platinum visa card.

Thus, by enjoying these perks and privileges, you will be able to enjoy an ideal monetary balance along with the best terms and conditions. Hence, it is advisable to go for Platinum Visa Card online banking and enjoy all the above-stated advantages. Go online now and make your life better by getting the best platinum credit card deal.

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