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4 Ideas To Organize Your Own Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card | green dot prepaid debit card

One of the newest prepaid debit cards on the market is the Green Dot prepaid cash card. The Green Dot prepaid cash card is issued by Green Dot, a division of Visa. Fraudsters typically use Green Dot prepaid debit cards to transport stolen tax refund monies from tax fraudulently submitted tax returns to the fraudster. Reports suggest that most identity theft victims have this same common experience with Green Dot's prepaid debit card: once the victim gets an prepaid green dot debit card from… somewhere, usually from a mail order catalog or an internet site, the fraudster uses the card to make purchases online… and sometimes, as in the case mentioned above, to withdraw cash from their bank accounts. The fact that the Green Dot prepaid card is issued by Visa means that if it is intercepted by fraudulent means, or used to conduct illegal activities, then the financial transaction is “interacted” via a secured network… and therefore, the fraudster cannot be prosecuted using the proceeds from the credit card in any way. This is an important feature for any responsible online business to consider.

Another very important feature of these cards is their ability to make purchases online, via internet banking, with a zero percent introductory interest rate for twelve to twenty-four months. The special “green dot” logo is a very big selling point. But don't let the logo fool you. If you're reading this article, you probably already know that Green Dot products are well-made and dependable. The company is not into any kind of gimmick marketing. In fact, they offer a full forty-eight hour customer service line for their valued customers.

There are a few things that might concern you about the Green Dot prepaid debit card and online shopping in general. Let's take a look at what some of those concerns are. If you're worried about overdraft fees, you should be happy to learn that your monthly fee is zero dollars. This makes direct deposit even more attractive.

A concern may be about the security of online transactions. Your money is safe from thieves using credit cards or cheats employing cash. To protect yourself, many of the green dot prepaid cards require you to activate an extra deposit when you make a purchase. This keeps funds low and you from incurring a large negative balance. This helps prevent overdraft fees.

You may also be concerned about how you will get payments to your account. In addition to a variety of methods, some green dot prepaid debit card products include Internet fund transfer options. This lets you send electronic deposits to your account, which can be accessed without even leaving your desk. These cards are especially useful for students who may not own a traditional bank account.

Finally, you may be wondering about interest and fees. Most of these products have no annual fee and do not require a sign-up bonus. They feature a 1% interest rate, which is much lower than many other cards. If you find the terms too high, look for a lower introductory rate to get started.

The one thing you absolutely must have in order to use Direct Deposits is an atm. Atm fees are included in all fees, so if you don't have an ATM, you can't use this type of card. This is a big problem if you live in a rural area where there is no ATMs. Fortunately, most companies include the ATM usage with each card purchase, but you may need to look elsewhere.

One final point: You may have noticed that you will be charged a fee for accessing your account. That's a fee imposed by the bank, so you can expect to see a large overdraft fee. While there are some exceptions, the majority of companies will charge a fee for any overdrafts you may have during the course of your life. If you happen to be in a situation where you rarely use your debit card, then you won't see much of a overdraft fee. But if you carry a large balance and use it indiscriminately, you may find yourself paying hundreds of dollars in unnecessary overdraft fees.

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