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4 Reasons Why People Love Petal Visa | petal visa

The Petal Visa debit card is certainly not among the best high-rated money back rewards cards. However, you can read up a list of the top money back rewards cards for what most consider to be better alternatives. You can also find out about the pros and cons of every credit card offer as well. By reading this article you will have a better idea about the benefits of the Petal Visa.

One of the best perks offered by the Petal Visa is the cash back program. This is what makes the credit card worth having despite being low on the line of features. In fact, the free reward points that you get can turn into instant cash when you use the card to purchase goods at select shops and restaurants. Hence, you can earn plenty of points and use them to redeem your rewards.

Another major perk of the Petal Visa is that you get a discount at hotels in Asia, specifically in Malaysia. This is due to the Petal Visa's low annual fee and the fact that these cards are often affiliated with hotels. Hence, you get to enjoy a discount on your traveling expenses. You also get the added perk of avoiding foreign transaction fees whenever you make a purchase overseas.

The Petal Visa is quite ideal for those who travel to Asia regularly. Unlike most other credit card offers, the credit history of the holder does not matter in the Petal Visa case. This is because transactions are done only within the confines of the country where the buyer wants to make his purchase. Thus, no foreign transaction fees apply. The same is true with the fact that there is no annual fee attached to the purchases. The perks include discounts on certain shopping establishments, air fare, hotel accommodation, rental cars, and many more.

One of the greatest pluses of this card is the fact that it gives the buyers an opportunity to convert their annual fees into cash. They can do so by making their purchases at the Petal Visa terminal in Malaysia. When doing so, they can use their credit card as a debit card which allows them to convert the amount owed to the bank using their credit card. This gives them an opportunity to free up a portion of their cash every month to be spent on whatever they want.

While the Petal Visa has a number of benefits, it does have its limitations as well. First of all, the cards cannot be used by minors. Therefore, those who use this card to make online payments cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized purchases made online. For those who wish to use this card to make in-bound payments, then they must get a secured card from the issuer. Secured cards are indistinguishable from ordinary Visa and MasterCard while being able to withdraw cash and make in-bound payments.

The Petals Visa credit cards come with a number of attractive features and benefits. However, they have one major shortcoming that is the lack of coverage when it comes to overseas transactions. This means that those who wish to use their card overseas, they must take extra precautions to make sure that the transaction will go through smoothly. In addition to the lack of overseas coverage, the credit cards come with an annual fee which may be $25. The annual fee is levied in addition to the standard annual fees charged by credit cards. In essence, the issuers of the Petals Visa are taking advantage of those who travel a lot to charge high annual fees.

The Petals Visa offers some advantages over the competing credit card offers in the UK market. First of all, the card is accepted at many of the same places that the other cards are accepted. This means that it provides a level of flexibility for those who wish to use their card abroad. Second of all, the issuers of the Petals Visa are able to levy a higher annual fee compared to the other cards because they receive better rates of interest from the issuers. If you can manage to make regular payments in a prompt manner, you stand a good chance of improving your negative credit history score, thus enabling you to qualify for a better deal when it comes to borrowing cash or leasing a vehicle.

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