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4 Shocking Facts About Visa Platinum Card | visa platinum card

Visa Platinum Card is the first choice of many consumers who wish for more from their credit cards. By demanding more from life you have in fact achieved success. Visa has come up with another card which gives the same old things in a new way. The best part is you get to choose from a range of rewards. Why not take the credit card, which offers:

Beneficial features: Visa Platinum Card features the benefits of a regular Visa card plus additional ones. With it you are able to earn miles and bonus points towards your purchases. These points can be redeemed when traveling. These miles are not to be used in making purchases. However they can be redeemed when you travel. The number of miles available at a time is chosen after careful analysis of your spending pattern and credit limit.

0% APR on balance transfers: No upfront charges or fees will be imposed on balance transfers. This helps to save you some money every month. In this way visa platinum credit card rates are lower than those offered by other cards

Lowest APR to date: The zero APR on purchases and balance transfers means you will be able to make purchases even when the market is down. This makes it one of the best credit cards available today. One of the reasons for this is that platinum is one of the most ideal metals for making credit cards because of its durability and strength.

Low start up cost: The low starting charge of the Visa platinum card is very attractive to people who are new in the market. It is also designed in such a manner so that people with good credit score can easily qualify for the lowest possible rate of interest. This introductory offer also gives an opportunity for customers to build their credit score gradually. As they pay regular monthly payments, their credit score improves considerably.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Miles: This is one of the reasons why Visa platinum credit cards are preferred by many. They provide benefits such as no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, no foreign transaction fee and no annual membership fees. You can also get additional mileage discounts by maintaining your account for a longer period of time.

Low percentage APR to date: The zero percent APR on purchases and balance transfers makes it one of the best offers available for credit cards. It is not very surprising to know that the zero percent APR is higher than that offered by many other cards. This is because when you make purchases with your card abroad, you have to pay taxes on them, which the company has to remit to the government. Also, there are some charges on purchases made using the Visa debit card. These charges are normally less than those charged in the country where you make the purchases.

Other benefits you can avail include travel rewards like plane tickets, hotel rooms, cruises, rental cars and much more. With all these perks, the zero percent APR for balance transfers, purchases and introductory offers, the visa platinum card from Citibank beats any other offers. It is therefore advisable to avail this golden opportunity. Go for the Visa Platinum Card from Citibank to enjoy the privileges and low APR to date.

Other card benefits from Citibank include cash back and discounts at the check out counters and at the stores. Furthermore, the credit cards from Citibank also come with an introductory offer. For a limited period, you will enjoy zero percent APR on purchases and balance transfers. This is for three to five years. During this introductory period, you can enjoy benefits like saving on your traveling expenses, getting discounts at the cinemas, dining places and so on. Hence, do not waste any time and grab the golden chance before it is too late.

Other advantages of Visa Platinum card are as follows: The rewards are variable and hence one can earn rewards according to one's needs. Thus you can choose the reward according to your spending habits. The perks also include earning points, free gifts and discounts on all services and products. In fact, the credit cards from Citibank have so many features that one can enjoy and make the best use of this golden opportunity.

Apart from these benefits, these credit cards from Citibank also have less adverse impact on the credit score of the user. Thus there is no need to worry if you have a poor credit score. The credit cards from Citibank have less impact on the FICO score of the user and therefore, there is no need to worry. These advantages of the credit cards from Citibank make them popular among people with all kinds of financial problems.

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