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4 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Mastercard Titanium Card | mastercard titanium card

The Mastercard Titanium Card isn't among the top rated rewards cards. You will review the available list of best reward cards by which think are better alternatives. Full Review of Mastercard Titanium Card

With so many rewards programs available in the market, it is quite difficult to decide which ones to go for. Even though there are several good rewards cards in the market, like VISA and MasterCard, you will get confused when you start comparing them. One of the reasons why people are confused is that they have incomplete knowledge about the features and benefits of these premium cards and that's where this article will give them an in depth understanding about the advantages and features of the Mastercard titanium card.

One of the things that make the Mastercard titanium card an excellent credit card is that it has no annual fee. It is also has no foreign transaction fee and noatility on the number of reward points that you can acquire. Moreover, you get to enjoy free worldwide access and no service fees when you use the internet. Apart from all these great features, there are some additional benefits that are attached with this card. These are mentioned below.

You will get excellent credit card deals with the help of this card. This is because this credit card is issued with a high level of security and it prevents you from getting involved in any fraudulent activity. Moreover, the customer care services that are offered by the company are simply excellent and you can contact them at any time of the day. In addition, the high-end cards will also offer some great insurance plans including accidental death and travel accidents, which provide you with protection in case such unfortunate happenings occur.

There is also an exclusive program named as VIP Status. With the help of this program, you can buy any airfare for you and your family members within a specified budget. Furthermore, the VIP Status cards are valid on all the airline services including international airfare and cruises, but they will give you an additional discount when you redeem them with the help of your plastic coupons. On top of all these benefits, there is yet another added advantage of using the VIP card. If you book any hotel on the airline of this card, you will get additional benefits.

When you purchase a new prepaid visa card or Mastercard titanium card, you can recharge them online or over the phone. These cards are issued with a special code called VISA MICR, which will allow you to redeem your points. Whenever you purchase tickets, you will receive miles and then these miles will be converted into points. These points can be redeemed for airfare on domestic as well as international flights. Moreover, if you wish to redeem for tickets on other modes such as cruises and shows, you will also get benefits from the special air fare and cruise deals.

Along with all these amazing perks, the cardholders can also enjoy free gifts such as cash back and gift certificates every time they shop. If they shop at their favorite brands, they will also get special deals. As these cards are linked to their accounts, cardholders can view their account details anytime and trace their points per dollar spent. On top of all these benefits, these cards are also backed with unmatchable customer service.

The other major credit card provider in the United States is MasterCard. The MasterCard brand was founded back in 1977 and it is one of the most trusted and widely used plastic money and debit card brands. Apart from the regular MasterCard service, there are several other prepaid options including Visa and MasterCard titanium cards. You should always check with your card issuer whether your prepaid MasterCard is upgraded to a MasterCard after one year.

Titanium Mastercard – mastercard titanium card | mastercard titanium card

Mastercard Titanium Card Review – mastercard titanium card | mastercard titanium card

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