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4 Ways On How To Prepare For Wells Fargo Visa Signature | wells fargo visa signature

The Wells Fargo Visa Signature line of credit does not offer a standard, automatic sign-up bonus following meeting a minimal spending requirement. But it does earn up to five X points for every dollar spent on eligible gas, groceries and drugstore purchases over the first half of a year. Yes, it is that easy. And, yes, it is worth it.

There are plenty of reasons that the Wells Fargo Visa Signature is a good choice. First of all, this is not your grandmother's savings account. These accounts can have a much higher interest rate, because they are intended to be used as revolving credit. So, the real value of the rewards offered by Wells Fargo lies in its ability to get people to spend more money. When you consider the fact that this credit card offers no minimum monthly balance payments, and the fact that you can get up to twelve months of rewards on the gas cards and up to twenty-four months on the convenience cards, the value of the Wells Fargo Visa Signature is considerably high.

Then, there is the bonus potential. Even if you do not meet the spending requirements, you will earn five years of unrestricted use on these cards – an incredible savings if you travel a lot or if you are a busy person with a lot of things to do. You can literally build up a fortune while enjoying the perks of this credit card.

One of the best features of the Wells Fargo Visa Signature line is one of the biggest incentives. You get to enjoy a one-time discount on your vehicle rental insurance! Now that is valuable. You can count on getting your car rental insurance for just a one time low premium, and this one time discount can allow you to get the most benefits possible for this one valuable expense.

If you have a cell phone, you need to take advantage of the Wells Fargo Visa Signature benefit. This one time low premium comes with an automatic PIN service, a twenty-five day grace period on late fees, and three major credit card rebates: a half-percent rebate on your personal credit card payment every year, a nickel-free trial on your new credit card, and up to twenty percent savings on your auto rental insurance. These benefit packages can save you over twenty-five thousand dollars over your lifetime. There are also some other great incentives including:

Rewards: If you plan to travel a lot, you should know about all of the great benefits that this card offers. First, you get five percent savings on all purchases, including gas, hotels, and car rentals. You also earn one percent back on cruises and ten percent back on airline tickets. Travel rewards include: hotel stays, plane tickets, and cruises. Other incentives include: foreign transaction fees waived when you use your card abroad, unlimited rewards on dining plans, cash back on office supplies and utility bills, and more.

Ongoing Benefits: You get ongoing customer support from Wells Fargo. With two credit cards and an ongoing rewards program, you can have money available for your emergency needs. You can even transfer your balance transfers between the two cards to save even more money on interest. If you own this card, you can enjoy an introductory 0.00% interest rate on your purchases, which will likely make the ongoing reward programs even more attractive.

These bonuses and other benefits make traveling more affordable, while providing added security at the same time. You get the protection you need from unexpected expenditures, while still getting the valuable rewards you deserve. The zero-interest introductory rate and the additional money back and ongoing rewards points are a combination that makes this card easy to recommend and worth the few hundred dollars you'll spend to take advantage of these special offers. Don't wait – go online today to apply for your Wells Fargo Visa Signature Airline rebate!

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