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Everything You Need To Know About Citibank Costco Card | citibank costco card

A few days ago I went on a vacation and had my credit report sent to me from Citibank. Now, I have other Citibank accounts, as well as other bank cards, and based on them I'm pretty happy. Bank of America claims FICO is 799, which are pretty good, and USAA states Experian (the main credit bureau that Citibank refers to in their letters) FICO rating is 820. I live in New York, where Bank of America has their main offices. During my vacation I used the card from Citibank and had no issues, and upon my return I had the option to transfer my balance over to any of their other cards.

Upon my decision to apply for the Costco card and back, I did so online. After submitting my personal information and doing a couple searches, I was notified that I had two business checks, a monthly payment, three credit reports, one of which stated that I had a bad credit report, and one stating that I had no credit report. This made me suspicious, as all of my searches were for the same things. So, I went to my personal financial institution (PIT) and spoke to a loan officer about the problems I was having with making payments. She suggested that I get a copy of my credit report from the three credit agencies and compare it to the Citibank Costco application.

The report showed that I had two inquiries from the same company in 2021, and a check stub from the same company for the same company in 2021. The check stub indicated that I had applied for a new credit at that very same site, and that I had been approved. Then, at the bottom of the report, there was a line that said “last written on”. That means that I had been written on a page that had gone unpaid for. Then, at the top of the same report, there was an entry for the Citibank CO account number for the same company, which was also written on the exact date that I had applied for the new Citibank Costco card.

There were several things about this that bothered me. The first thing was that I had not told the truth about my income when applying for the new Citibank Costco card. I told them that I was working part-time, but they did not know that I was working as a consultant for a security consulting firm. Because of this, I was not able to get the monograph application approved.

Another problem with the monograph application was that the company listed the incorrect city and state. They listed Missoula, MS, as the location for the Citibank CO account, even though that is not the name of the city. This made me feel very silly because this was the same listing that I had used many times already in different applications and it made me look as if I was just another applicant trying to apply for a new card. Luckily, I was able to fix these errors before finalizing my application for the Citibank Costco card.

After checking with the receptionist, who reminded me that it was my fiftieth birthday, I began to check other records to make sure that I did not have any late payments on my Citibank costco accounts. When I checked the credit report, I saw that I had three payments late and three payments on dates that were more than a year ago. I immediately called the Citibank agent and asked her for the information about the three payments late. She told me that they were reported incorrectly and that they were supposed to be sent by direct deposit. The agent told me that I would have to go back to the bank and ask for the corrected documentation.

After going to the bank, I read the details about the mistakes in my financial statements and discovered that they were listed incorrect because they were not updated from the end of last year. This was very disappointing because I had paid my bills on time until then. Then I went online and began to search for other CITIBank Costco card applicants to help me make sure that my application is approved. Because I have a great credit score, I am confident that I will definitely get my application approved and I am very happy that I will have this great savings account with Citibank.

After going through all of this trouble, I was happy to discover that CITIBank was able to reduce their fees by twenty-five percent. Because I am very pleased with the reduced fees, I am now planning on applying for a new Citibank Costco card, Sharpjm posts, or another savings account. I am also planning on increasing the deductible to reduce the monthly payments even more. It feels good to know that my situation is in good hands and I did not get cheated out of my money and face the stress of losing it all when the third party figures things out for me.

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