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Five Benefits Of Costco Member Credit That May Change Your Perspective | costco member credit

The Costco Member Credit Card from Citibank is an ideal tool for the home improvement and decoration enthusiast. The Costco Member Credit Card offers convenient cash advances and discounts on everyday home improvements and purchases at Costco. Members are also able to enjoy special offers that include free shipping when purchasing appliances or large household items.

The Costco Member Credit Card from Citibank is a Citi-approved credit card with low interest rates and no annual fee. Cardholders are able to manage their account online at any time and can make their purchases at Costco at the same time. In addition, they have a 100 percent savings card that earns double points on every dollar that is spent. Cardholders have the option of paying annually or monthly, which allows them to control their expenses. However, if they choose to pay in full each month, Costco does not make additional payments to their account.

The Costco Member Credit Card offers favorable terms that benefit both the cardholder and Costco. Costco is able to provide excellent customer service, which eliminates the need for collection agencies. Collection agencies use harassment tactics in attempts to collect debts. The Costco Member Credit Card also eliminates the need for harassing phone calls and letters sent to non-payers. Costco has strict rules for borrowers who fail to pay their debt.

Any time harassment cases occur, the cardholder should report the incident immediately to the Loss Mitigation Department at the Costco Company. Anyone who contacts the borrower without authorization or who sends harassing or threatening messages using the telephone, mail, or the Internet is subject to disciplinary action. The collection agency will be reported to the major credit reporting agencies. If the agency determines that the conduct was due to legitimate negligence, the member will be fully in violation of the agreement.

If members do not pay their outstanding balances in full, collection agencies can place a “Lien against the member's title.” Once this occurs, the title transfer will occur unless the money is paid or it can be determined there has been a breach in the agreement. The collection agency can then place a second “Lien” against the same title. This continues until either the full debt is paid or the collection agency is paid the debt by the issuer of the Costco member credit card.

When collection agencies are notified of an unpaid Costco membership, they must follow whatever regulations are set forth by the United States Federal Trade Commission. The cardholder must notify the credit reporting agency that they have stopped making payment on the Costco member credit card. If the agency is not able to contact the cardholder within 60 days of notice, the statement must be removed from the cardholder's credit report. In the case of a Costco member card, the company will also place a notation on the report stating that the member has ceased use of the Costco card.

If a third party calls and states that they are a government agency trying to obtain information regarding a Costco member credit card account, the customer should ask if the name on the account is the same as the name on the phone caller's telephone number. If it is, the caller may not be legally allowed to use the name. If the caller states that they are a federal tax agency or a law enforcement agency or informs the caller that they are asking for information regarding a Costco member account, then the caller may legally have permission to use the customers' name. A telephone consumer protection act lawyer can assist with any phone harassment cases.

Any time that a Costco member credit card account is used by a third party to pursue a debt, the account holder should contact a skilled telephone consumer protection act lawyer. Even though the law does not specifically mention or define when a third party may legally use a Costco card, there are several instances in which the law will recognize the use of a Costco card as long as the third party is following a prescribed procedure. If a customer feels that they are contacted by a third party using their name without legal authority, then they should seek advice from an experienced consumer protection attorney.

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