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Five Reasons Why People Like Credit Union Debit Card | credit union debit card

Credit unions are banks that work with community members to allow consumers better access to local services. With a debit account, you never need to remember your checkbook or carry extra cash. Instead, you use your Provident Credit Union credit card at any participating merchant that accepts Visa (including, again, for online purchases) and the transaction amount is automatically deducted from your savings or checking account. When you use a debit card for online purchases, the information you provide to the retailer is encrypted so it cannot be accessed by others. In addition, most merchants offer discounts for members who use their cards.

The main advantage of using credit union debit cards is the security features included. A major feature is overdraft protection. An overdraft protection feature will let you withdraw cash from your account without having to pay an overdraft fee. This can save you hundreds of dollars per year if you frequently use your credit union debit cards to make neighborhood retail purchases.

Another feature found on credit union debit cards is the availability of surcharge-free atms. There are often no ATM fees when using your credit union debit card to make purchases at select retailers. A benefit you might not even be aware of is how some ATM machines only charge pennies on the dollar compared to other charges, such as a service charge and an annual membership fee. If you frequently use your credit union credit card to make neighborhood retail purchases, this prepaid service can help you save money.

A final benefit to using a debit card is the availability of overdraft protection. An overdraft protection feature allows you to protect your credit union or checking account by automatically fundsing your account when you spend money. When you set up your account, you can choose how much protection to opt for and how much cash back is provided.

Credit unions and banks have traditionally offered checking accounts that feature an overdraft feature at a low interest rate. But using a debit card instead of a traditional checking account has many benefits, including the ability to make neighborhood retail purchases without incurring an overdraft fee. If you want the convenience of a checking account that features an overdraft protection feature, but you don't need to pay a monthly fee, you can opt for an ATM debit card. These cards have no annual fee and no service charges.

A few disadvantages to these cards include: they don't offer the same perks that credit cards do, there are usually no overdraft protections, they don't provide access to ATM cards, and they don't offer cash back bonuses. Because of these factors, ATM cards may be better suited for those who frequently use their cards or who want more than the usual two or three reward points that checking account offers. If you don't need a large amount of cash back, consider whether a prepaid debit card would be able to give you what you want. These cards are also more suited to those who travel a lot and use their cards on vacation trips.

There are ATM cards that offer cash back rewards, but you must maintain a balance above a specific dollar amount every month. This can limit the types of purchases that you can make with your debit card. The advantage of an ATM debit card is that it does not require a balance above the required minimum. These cards can be used worldwide, which means you can travel around the world and still get cash back incentives! Since the ATM cards generally carry membership fees, they cost more than the credit union debit cards. They are also usually restricted in the countries they can accept, so you should be careful to only take out an ATM debit card at one ATM and not take your credit union card with you everywhere you go.

Finally, keep in mind that all banks give some sort of credit-card-like service: ATMs, online access, and checking accounts. If you have a savings or checking account at a bank, you may be able to take advantage of that account's features. You can often use an ATM for international transactions, although some cards only allow you to withdraw money for the same countries you already have an account in. Be sure to read the terms of use of the particular bank you use so that you know which items and services they provide.

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