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Five Top Risks Of Attending Instant Debit Card | instant debit card

An instant debit card is a unique kind of plastic card which is used to purchase services and products rather than cash. It is usually associated with your checking account and each transaction you make using the card represents in your statement. An instant debit card enables you to have instant access to cash other than waiting for several days for a check to clear.

There are several advantages of using an instant debit card online. You need not to go to your bank to open up a savings or checking account. These types of cards have been around for quite some time and they are perfectly acceptable and safe for all consumers who prefer to shop online. It takes minutes to complete a transaction while carrying around a checkbook. You do not need a traditional bank account because the amount is transferred into your bank account within minutes. This gives the buyer an added convenience.

The main advantage of instant debit cards is the safety factor. If you have an internet enabled laptop, you can use your computer as a checking account. When you enter your pin number, your transaction is instant. Moreover, they are very easy to carry and you can store them in your wallet, purse or briefcase. There is no need for papers to be filled out by a bank representative.

There are many banks which offer instant debit cards for their customers. You need to choose one which is most suitable. You can apply for these cards online which is faster and easier. If you want to get a new card immediately, you can do so as well.

Instant debit cards work in the same way as normal cards but they cannot be activated online. They are activated at the time of making a purchase. Thus you have to visit the nearest bank and sign in. You will receive a temporary activation code.

After receiving your temporary activation code, the customer can go to the next retail location and use the instant-issue debit card. The process is same as if you were purchasing your regular card at the branch location. Thus you can have instant cards even when you go out of the country. In order to get the instant-issue credit card, you can go to the nearest branch location, visit their corporate office or call their corporate sales unit.

You can have several bank accounts under different names. However, you cannot have more than one account number. So for example, if you have five bank accounts, you cannot have an account number of seven. Likewise, if you have different names for the five banks, you cannot have account numbers of six or seven. For instant debit cards, you just need to give the merchant the account number along with your name.

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of using debit cards is that they are easily used anywhere. Even, if you want to make a purchase from a foreign place, all you have to do is bring your instant-issue credit card. However, there are some things that you need to consider before using your foreign credit card. You should remember that most merchants in foreign countries do not accept the foreign currency. If you pay with your credit card, it will not be possible for you to withdraw the money. Therefore, make sure that you pay the amount before the end of the month.

Another disadvantage is that you need to configure the payment mode. In this case, you can either: use PIN number or debit card. For PIN number payment, the customer needs to press a button on the phone instead of simply entering a number. The merchant also needs to configure whether the customer can use both a debit and a credit card. Some instant debit card programs allow you to set up the payment mode as soon as the customer swipes the card through the reader.

A typical security issue occurs when your card is stolen. The first thing that you should do is to report the theft to your bank. Most banks are aware of such cases and most of them offer replacement cards free of charge. If you do not report the theft immediately, the thief can use your credit card number to make purchases until he gets his money back through the bank.

Most instant-issue debit cards have a unique feature called branch location. With this feature, the customer can get help from a representative of the bank in an instant. As soon as you enter your PIN, a representative will assist you. If the situation has arisen where you cannot wait for the representative to arrive, the online option enables you to call the branch location of the bank. You may be asked for additional information and you may also be asked to sign a authorization form to withdraw cash from your account.

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