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How To Have A Fantastic Citi Costco Rewards With Minimal Spending | citi costco rewards

Overall Verdict: The Citi Costco benefits credit card is an okay card to have. It gives you a decent cashback amount on groceries, travel, gas, and other eating out expenses. Some of these things don't like: No annual fee, airline mileage rewards, cash back on dining, gas, and car rentals. There are many other great cashback offers out there though.

With that said, Citi Costco credit cards are pretty good overall. While they don't stack up to their Visa counterparts by any means, they do have some good perks. A couple of these rewards include:

– A double cash card from Costco. Yes, CITI has you covered when it comes to shopping. If you use your CITI Costco reward credit card for purchases at CITI, you earn two rewards. The first one for using your card at CITI and the second one for making purchases at a participating grocery store located at CITI.

– Foreign transaction fees free. Again, this benefit is exclusive to CITI. With most other cards, you have to pay some sort of fee just to cash back. CITI rewards cards are like a win/win situation. You get a cashback reward but also get rid of those pesky foreign transaction fees.

– Easy application process and no annual fee. Both of these are pretty obvious benefits of CITI Costco credit card rewards. However, the easy application process might be what entices you to apply for their card. After all, what benefits do you get from processing your application with the least amount of hassle? Well, you get the standard interest rate, which is in effect half of what you would pay if you applied for the CITI regular credit card.

Another advantage of applying for CITI Rewards Credit Card is that they offer a zero percent ARP. The CITI card has less credit limit than a normal Visa or MasterCard. That way, every dollar you charge to your CITI rewards credit card will go towards saving you four dollars in foreign transaction fees! So, every dollar you charge goes towards paying down your credit card balance. Isn't that great?

However, the biggest disadvantage of CITI Rewards Credit Cards is that they don't offer the same amount of cash back as their counterparts. This disadvantage makes CITI Rewards Credit Cards a good choice for travelers, those who use a lot of cash and are concerned about not being able to get cash back due to the annual fee, and those who need an all-around travel card, including airline miles rewards and rental car discounts. This drawback, however, can often be negated with a little planning and research. For example, you can find out how many CITI Rewards Credit Cards actually offers annual fee waivers, how many airlines offer discount vacations packages, how much money you will save on foreign transaction fees, etc. All of this planning could be done before you apply for your CITI Rewards Credit Card, which means that you'd know exactly what the annual fee, discount vacation packages, airline miles, etc., would be prior to sign up for any CITI Rewards Credit Card.

When you compare CITI Rewards Credit Cards against other banks and lending institutions, you can see that CITI has the upper hand on other banks. The biggest difference between the CITI rewards credit card offers and other offers is the annual fee. Other banks have no annual fee, which makes it much more difficult to find the best travel deal and keep the entire balance paid down during the introductory period. When you pay the full amount each month, you will be paying a much lower interest rate than you would if you were to pay the entire interest rate on a zero or low interest CITI card for 12 months straight. If you are looking for the absolute lowest interest rate on the CITI card, you need to look at the zero or low apr credit cards that have the longest interest free periods. These cards are usually offered by banks that offer other types of incentives as well as travel perks.

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