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Is Debit Gift Card The Most Trending Thing Now? | debit gift card

Just a few short years ago, my boyfriend received a debit gift card for an online auction site he was browsing. He was excited – he'd finally received his first card and thought it would be a great idea to splurge and buy a new camera. I tried to advise him, but he said I was too old. Turns out, the site he'd been shopping at no longer accepted gift cards. So he tossed the card in the trash.

A while later, boyfriend got another debit card from his grandmother's house and again went over to her house to shop for something. Again, when going to pay for his purchase, he was told that the store did not accept these kinds of cards as credit. Again he was taken aback because he knew he had his debit card and knew he could just as easily pay for the items he was buying using his credit card. He had his receipt and his credit card. Why was this happening to him?

In short, he got greedy. He thought that since he knew he had both a credit card and a debit card, that he could just use them together to make purchases. The problem is, just like a credit card, if you don t spend more than you have on your debit card, you will incur fees on top of the money you spent. He ended up owing quite a lot of extra money because he hadn t paid for some items he already had the money for. If he had simply used his debit card to make the purchase, he would have been able to get away with using just cash.

This kind of greed can lead to financial disaster, so it's always important to be aware of where one's spending is going. Even if your credit cards and debit cards are safe, there is still the danger of someone stealing your wallet or purse and taking out your cash. This is especially true if you carry large amounts of cash with you. With just the swipe of a card, someone could walk off with all your cash.

A safer alternative to plastic money is debit gift cards. You know that they cannot be used to purchase anything, but you also know that by spending every penny you have on them, you will never be stuck without cash. That makes them an ideal choice when you are on the road for an extended period of time, or when you are out of money for some other reason. Debit cards are safe, secure and easy to use – making it an easy way to rebuild your credit after a recent financial crisis.

Some people believe that having cash on hand is a more secure form of currency. After all, if someone were to steal your debit cards and use them, you would have absolutely no proof of ownership – no record of purchases. But that is not the case with debit cards. If you don't spend every penny you have on the cards, you will never run into debt because you can simply reload them whenever you run out of cash.

Another reason that people like prepaid Visa debit gift cards more than traditional credit cards is that they are linked directly to funds in your bank account. When you make a purchase with the cards, they are deducted from your bank account, leaving you with a zero balance. Once this is reached, the money automatically reloads into your bank account. Since you always have a zero balance, it means you never have to worry about running out of money while you are shopping at a favorite store.

Many online retailers offer prepaid Visa debit gift cards. You can visit any number of these sites to see which cards are currently available. Prepaid cards are especially popular with online retailers who want to reward their customers with something extra such as a discount or free shipping. $4 Visa Gift Card (plus $4 | debit gift card

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