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Is Mastercard Website The Most Trending Thing Now? | mastercard website

Just days before the release of the movie “Wikileaks” starring Julian Assange and Tom Cruise there were rumors that MasterCard would be coming up with a card that will allow online merchants to accept payments made with prepaid Visa and MasterCard debit cards. These prepaid credit cards will allow merchants the ability to process electronic payments from their websites instead of the traditional credit card processing. In many ways these new cards are a re-imagining of what the original Visa and MasterCard websites did, and in many ways they will be even more successful.

There is one major difference though between these new cards and what the major credit card issuers offer. Visa and MasterCard are primarily used as payment processing methods for merchants in the United States. They are not widely used outside of the United States. Many of the largest retailers in Europe are also doing business on cards issued by these two companies. That does not mean however, that Europeans are not going to be able to use Visa and MasterCard as payment processing methods for their own online businesses.

Visa and MasterCard have very deep relationships with the larger merchant banks in Europe. These relationships give them a lot of leverage when it comes to negotiating discount rates with these large financial institutions. Visa and MasterCard are also seen as somewhat more reliable than other credit cards that are currently being offered to merchants. All of this bodes well for the merchant who has an account on a MasterCard or Visa website.

In recent years Visa and MasterCard have come under fire for attempts to decrease their transaction fees and eliminate their interchange fees. This controversy started in the United States, where they began to charge a much higher interchange fee compared to the average credit card transaction fee. In Europe they have been fighting these charges tooth and nail. Even in Europe the European Union there are efforts to reduce the interchange fees merchants pay. Italy recently passed a law that will make it illegal for any company to charge the interchange fee unless it is contingent upon the amount of money the merchant has to pay for their services.

Visa and MasterCard have decided to fight back by coming up with their own version of the surcharge. This is called the “MasterCard Visa Card Surcharge Reduction.” This is supposed to be just as bad as the rampant anti-Visa and anti-MasterCard competition from Europe. Merchants who use Visa and MasterCard will have to pay a surcharge of up to 15% on top of what they already pay for their credit cards. Merchants who use debit cards will have to pay an even higher surcharge. It is not known whether Visa and MasterCard will band together to implement this new policy worldwide, but the possibility does exist.

There is no question that both Visa and MasterCard are very serious about controlling their market share. Combined they account for over 70% of the credit card transaction volume in the world. Combined they have a very commanding hold over the industry and they don't seem to be backing down. On the other hand Visa is in a serious position where they are threatening hard to eliminate credit cards from merchant accounts. This threat has been met with some measure of reaction from the merchants.

The question for American Express is whether or not the company is bluffing and planning to use the European anti-trust law to weaken AMEX? They would have to be considering the response of the European Commission to the anti-trust suit that they filed against the credit card giant in February. The suit alleged that AMEX engaged in anticompetitive behavior in relation to certain business activities. The Commission ruled that AMEX was guilty of such behavior but declined to take the company to court. AMEX was found to be in violation of the European standards for imposing and collecting payments for card transactions when it took its practice into consideration.

If the AMEX can get away with it this time, the European Union may not have to worry about their own potential antitrust issues with Visa. The Commission has received numerous complaints from merchants and companies such as airlines and hotels, concerning their dealings with AMEX. The airlines in particular have complained about the high surcharges that they charge for using credit cards to make purchases. It should be noted that the charges from debit card swipe fees and the anti-dumping duties that the European Union is imposing on specific countries is directly affecting the way that these businesses do business. If the EU can successfully use the American Express settlement for negotiating better payments terms for their own card processing members then they will be able to recover some of the money that was lost during the credit card bailout that the United States government provided to the euro area countries in order to bail out their banks.

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