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Never Underestimate The Influence Of Mastercard Commercial | mastercard commercial

Rashida LaShawn is best known as the Glam doctor, also referred to as The Glam Dinney Woman. She has been a fixture on the television and stage for many years. She is an accomplished medical professional with a master's degree in public health and medical journalism from the University of Illinois at Champaign. She has also spent time working as an executive consultant with the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Now she gets to star in her own Mastercard commercial!

In the Mastercard commercial, LaShawn is seen by the camera as an up close and personal representation of the company. She is featured as the makeup artist who helps a young black female couple apply their makeup for the big day. As the woman removes her makeup, she comments on the application of the makeup and says, “This is what I do. This is my life. Don't change me.” This MasterCard commercial is part of the campaign, a consumer-facing initiative that the company said will elevate the visibility of black female business owners.

A credit card ad campaign is an important venue for marketing because it allows companies to reach out to potential consumers. In addition, they can also track how effective their campaigns are so that they can fine-tune their strategies for a successful outcome. One of the metrics that the Mastercard ad agency uses for this campaign is the eye-catching imagery. “The Glam Dinney Woman” is a beautiful model and the voiceover says, “The Glam Dinney Woman has got it all. She's rocking a gorgeous metallic up-do, wearing just the cutest little black dress you could ever imagine. Look at all those curves…” The voiceover then shows several other shots of the model as she stands in various locations, all of which are heavily accented with diamonds.

This is a MasterCard campaign that is sure to get some attention. The reason why it is likely to get a lot of notice is because it is a very timely advertisement. The MasterCard commercial is right in the middle of the credit card advertising age where many consumers are being subjected to some really high-end and expensive offers. This is a very important time when consumers are being exposed to more expensive offers. With a MasterCard commercial in the works, consumers will have a clear picture of exactly what the product is and how they can benefit from using it.

Another factor that the Visa and MasterCard advertising campaign is focusing on is the need for boomers to buy products that will benefit their needs as they age. According to an industry analyst told CNN, the last few decades the United States has seen a tremendous increase in middle-aged and older consumers who have entered the work force. These consumers are now starting to buy homes and cars as investments. These boomers are not only interested in purchasing items that will add value to their lives but they also want to make sure that they are buying items that are going to add value to the companies that they are buying them from. Because of this focus on the customer, a MasterCard campaign is sure to be successful in capturing the attention of these consumers.

The Visa and MasterCard advertising campaigns are targeting two distinct groups of people with their ads. For the boomers Visa and MasterCard are reaching out to the upper middle class of buyers and try to encourage them to acquire additional credit cards or even visa cards to help them fund investments and provide the monetary security for their family. Meanwhile, the target group for the Visa and MasterCard commercial is the younger generation of consumers who are entering the work force. These younger consumers are not only interested in receiving credit cards that will allow them to invest and provide financial security for their families, but they are also interested in visa and master card promotions that will allow them to purchase products that will allow them to enter the workforce.

If you own or manage a restaurant or pub or any other establishment that serves alcohol, the chances are very good that you will be approached by Visa and MasterCard for a promotion. In the past these credit card companies were not very successful at getting restaurants to promote their credit cards. In the current advertising age though this is changing. Visa and MasterCard have joined forces in a joint venture called “Visa Certified Places” which is an initiative that was created in order to allow establishments like restaurants to be more receptive to the use of these credit cards when it comes to making sales.

In the past Visa and MasterCard have not been successful at getting retailers to participate in their campaigns. According to an industry analyst who spoke with Visa and MasterCard Commercial Sales Representative Michael McCann-ERickson the company's strategy has changed. Now the company is working with a variety of retailers and pubs to create awareness of its credit card program and get them to participate in their promotional campaigns. With this new strategy Visa and MasterCard are hoping to take over the credit card market in the U.S.

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