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Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Ollo Platinum Mastercard Reviews? | ollo platinum mastercard reviews

An up-and-coming relative newcomer to the credit card market, Ollo Platinum Mastercard was issued by Bank of America and offered by Ollo Card Services. While Ollo does not state outright what minimum credit score you should qualify for, online reviews point out that this card is usually offered to consumers with scores within the 650 to 725 range. One of the features of this credit card is an auto debit feature. Here, your account is debited each time a purchase is made. It is not always automatic; however, your financial institution may initiate the action for you or you may have the option to approve the debit on your own and then allow the card to be automatically debited.

The Ollo card, like many of its counterparts, is also offered with a number of different payment options. You can choose between a standard Visa or MasterCard for a one-time payment, or you can set up a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payment plan. There are also a number of ways in which you can increase your spending limit, including an increase in your credit limit, a credit limit increase from an existing balance, or a cash advance. To increase your spending limit, you will likely have to pay an annual fee, but if you are looking for a credit card with added features that make life easier, then Ollo may be a good choice for you.

Another pair of Ollo alternatives that has received good reviews is the Ollo Diamond Plus MasterCard and the Ollo Silver Premier Plus MasterCard. The cards are essentially the same as those found at other banks, offering cardholders the convenience of making purchases at any participating merchant, including gas stations, grocery stores, and drugstores, and the ability to transfer balances between accounts. The companies do not provide personal account services or any other perks to cardholders. However, cardholders who transfer their balances to these accounts usually receive significant interest rates savings. Cardholders must pay a one-time, non-refundable transaction fee, but there is usually no per-transaction fee associated with this option.

Both Ollo Gold and Ollo Platinum cards come with a variety of perks and rewards. As previously mentioned, cardholders can choose between a one-time transaction fee waived for transactions made using the card abroad, and the option to pay an annual fee only for the first year that the card is used. The annual fee typically includes all regular annual charges, as well as a one-time, non-refundable transaction fee for making a purchase overseas. International transaction fees can vary widely, depending on the cardholder's current credit rating and any other factors affecting the cost of making a foreign transaction. For example, an international credit card may require a higher interest rate than a card with a similar APR.

As previously mentioned, both Ollo Gold and Ollo Platinum cards offer the convenience of automatic credit line increase. In addition, the two credit cards also have reasonable grace periods during which a customer can not be charged an excessive balance and will receive a percentage of their balance paid automatically as a bonus for each dollar they would like paid. However, some experts advise users to limit the use of these incentives in order to avoid possible fraud or security issues. In fact, some credit card issuers include potential fraud alerts on their cards, which may trigger the creation of an automatic credit line increase if a balance is paid over a certain amount.

In addition to being used in Europe, Ollo Gold is used in many U.S. locations, including California, Texas, New York and Florida. The Platinum card is offered for consumers who have built a solid credit history by paying their bills on time, and by having a large balance on their cards. Those who are looking to build credit should consider applying for an Ollo Platinum Mastercard. In addition to receiving a bonus when they pay a bill on time, customers will receive a sizeable reduction in interest charges once the balance is paid off.

Both the Ollo Gold and Ollo Platinum credit cards provide the convenience of online access through a secure portal. This ensures that consumers will never be required to reveal their PIN number or other personal information, which makes them safe from identity theft. Because they both have reasonable APR rates, both Ollo Gold and Ollo Platinum are popular among consumers. However, many experts recommend applying for both the Ollo Gold and Ollo Platinum cards. Each offers consumers the opportunity to build credit by making regular purchases and repaying their balances in full at the end of each month. This provides consumers with a way to improve their credit rating while avoiding debt consolidation loans and high interest rate credit cards.

The only downfall of applying for the Ollo Gold or Ollo Platinum Mastercard online is that consumers must make payment to receive the bonus. This may not be a problem for those who can afford to pay the additional fee each month, but those who are struggling financially may find themselves unable to pay their balances in full every month. Ollo Gold also has a couple of restrictions that are not found on the Ollo Platinum Mastercard. While the annual fee and the credit cards specific to prepaid Visa and MasterCard are eliminated, consumers are still required to pay a $25 transaction fee each year. However, there are no annual fee charges on the Ollo Gold cards, which may actually save individual's money in the long run.

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