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Seven Things That Happen When You Are In For Everything Else There’s Mastercard | for everything else there’s mastercard

For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past few years, MasterCard has introduced a unique new concept. It is called the “experiential” card and what it does is it builds on the world-wide-web and the mobile to give you the most up-to-date and engaging shopping and payment experiences with the least amount of effort. Is it the most precious gem or what? Well, that depends on your perspective. If you think it is an experiential card and that means giving you the best value for your money, then I'd say that you have chosen correctly. On the other hand, if you think of it as a service and as a platform for social media, then maybe you will disagree.

The MasterCard application does away with all the fancy bells and whistles that many marketers and entrepreneurs love to flaunt. Instead, it gives you the straight and narrow definition of value and the hard facts about the best online shopping experience and payment technology. This statement from Pike suggests that the company is focusing on the experiential value and not on all the bells and whistles.

This might sound odd but the truth is that the social media world is actually making a bigger impact on the whole industry. Look at all the companies like Nike, GMC, and even Citibank who have taken the plunge into integrating social media with their business. All these companies now use social media to build customer relationships and engagement and get closer to their consumers. However, this move by these cardholders is also creating a new set of valuable points for marketers and entrepreneurs to exploit. Below are some points that I've got to share with you about the new MasterCard and their new and upcoming experiential cards.

The New Experiential Card: For everything else there's a trend, and the trend for now is social media and internet marketing. The people that run MasterCard understand this concept all too well and they've decided to take advantage of it. The new MasterCard series is called Visa Via. It's a prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The idea behind this is for you to get as much interaction and value-added services from Visa as possible while you're building your social media business.

Another interesting thing about MasterCard's latest venture is the fact that they're integrating social media with the card. Now let's get back to the importance of the social media for everything else there's. Social media allows you to put a face or a personality to your business (hopefully good) and helps you spread the word about your brand. For business owners, this means more exposure for their brands and products.

Does this mean you have to give up on your current marketing strategies? No way! But it does mean you have to think outside the box in a big way. What if you could leverage social media for your benefit and help create more sales? Well, now you can.

The good news is that with MasterCard you can purchase Visa cards at any participating location (check out the attached website for all the locations) and have them preloaded (they also have a nifty 'load now' button). You can load them up with as many purchases as you'd like, whether it's for your business or personal use. And because Visa is so readily accepted at virtually every MasterCard participating establishment (which I assume is for more than just the restaurant where you eat your meals), the opportunities for people to do business with you are unlimited.

So, if you're still wondering whether Visa is right for your business, maybe you need to consider MasterCard. But don't go out and buy a bunch of gift cards because somehow that makes you a better person. You've got money. Spend it on things that make you happy.

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